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Chapter 44: Let’s Get Red Marks Together

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After returning home, Yuuki decided to finally start earnestly studying for the test.

Although his usual lessons were often adequate, when it came to the test, he tried to study for a good score.

That was because Yuuki wanted to show his father that he was doing well in his studies to not worry him.

There were only ten days left until the test. He’s been slacking off lately, so this time it would be difficult to study.

With that in mind, just as Yuuki was spreading out his textbooks and notes on the living room table, he began to check the scope of the test again.

“Hey, hey, Yuuki-kun. Fuuuuu~~”

Mizuna, who snuck up on him from behind, breathed on his neck while talking in a sweet voice.

Feeling a fresh, warm breeze, Yuuki kept his gaze down, not moving.

“Get out of my way.”

“I’m not trying to get in your way, I’m rooting for you.”

“Stop rooting for me.”

It seemed like she doesn’t like the fact that she can’t have a partner for everything.

Mizuna pulled out a balance ball that had been used as a figurine, and complained to it, “Get it right,” as she punched it. She laughed by herself, but Yuuki ignored her.

“Do you want to try being corkscrew punched? It’ll be funny.”

“Doesn’t Mizuna have tests soon? Stop screwing around and study.”

“Goho, gaha.”

“Why’d you suddenly start coughing?”

To be honest, Mizuna’s grades were not very… good.

Since she was behind her classes for a while, she had to work hard to keep up. But it didn’t make her feel as if she was in danger.

“Anyways, what’s for dinner today?”

“We can grab something from the nearest convenience store.”

“Ehh, then I’ll have a gyudon!”

“It’s a long walk to the station.”

“Gyudon, gyudon!”

It’s become her favorite, and she said she was going to conquer all of them, such as green onion balls and cheese.

He tried to ignore her, but she whispered “gyudon” once every ten seconds, so Yuuki couldn’t concentrate at all.

“I’ll give you some money. Why don’t you go get your own?”

“That’s unreasonable.”

She had no motivation.

However, it was already too noisy, so Yuuki ended up going out with her to buy something.

He walked with Mizuna to the gyudon place by the station, and seeing as it was almost 7:00 pm. a good time for dinner,

“Let’s eat here.”

“We’re eating at home.”

She was a person who liked to eat at home.

She couldn’t relax and eat when people were around, or something like that.

Yuuki bought takeout for two people and was heading back when Mizuna stopped in front of a convenience store.

“I want to buy a dessert.”

“You’re going to the convenience store after all?”

“I’ve got plenty of money.”

When she told her father “You don’t have to come back,” it seemed like she received some extra pocket money. This was Mizuna’s style.

They walked into the convenience store and went to the shelf with the desserts. Mizuna proudly said,

“You can take whatever you want, Yuuki-kun.”

Since they were already there, he decided to grab a cream puff.

“Hmmm~, you don’t have to be so modest.”

“Let’s just go.”

“Can I get some candy?”

“Only a little bit.”

Mizuna said, “Yay!” and put various things in her basket, and in the end, the bill exceeded 1,000 yen1 for the snacks and desserts.

It seemed that she had a big misunderstanding of “a little bit”.

When they got back home, they sat around the table.

Mizuna finished shoveling down her gyudon with green onions and eggs and then pulled out a pudding with cream and fruit from the fridge.

“Would you like a bite? Hey, hey.”

She said something like that and took twelve minutes to slowly eat her dessert.

As for Yuuki, he was going to finish his dinner early and start studying.

“I’m gonna go take a bath.”

Mizuna, who walked away saying that, came back.

“Yuuki-kun, where did you put Mizuna’s underwear?”

“It’s in Mizuna’s room.”

“Eh~, that’s a lie, right~?”

And then she bothered him with every single thing.

And when Yuuki thought she came out of the bath covered in steam, she brought the hairdryer to me in her underwear.

“Dry your hair, Yuuki-kun.”

This is how his time was cut down.

It was no longer on the level of being done on purpose.

Then Yuuki finished taking a bath himself, and when he was finally going to start studying, Mizuna, who was lying on the sofa, started watching TV at high volume.

“…Can you turn it down a bit?”

“Mou~, isn’t it fine? Let’s get red marks together.”

“So that’s what you’re trying to do, you jerk.”

“You’re upset.”

Yuuki knew it was as he had thought.

It was hard not to be able to use his room at a time like this.

Yuuki had a rather large bed occupying most of the space in his room, so he had no desk to study at.

On the other hand, Mizuna’s room had a desk, but it was hardly used.

“If you don’t want to use your room, can I borrow it? And could you not come in?”

“No way, what you are you going to do inside there, Yuuki-kun…”

“I’m studying.”

Mizuna snapped her mouth shut, but suddenly got up and approached him as if she had remembered something.

“By the way, Yuuki-kun, how’s Yui-chan?”


Mizuna pointed to Yuuki’s face.

“Why do you come straight home alone every day, Yuuki-kun?”

“No, that’s not true. I’m with Mizuna.”

“Is that so~? Why is it that she’s not there?”

Mizuna thrust her index finger into Yuuki’s cheek and poked at it.

Mizuna was under the impression that Yuuki and Yui were lovers.

At the end of the day, Mizuna seemed to think that boyfriends and girlfriends were together at all times of the day.

“You won’t be so easy to get attached to, will you? It’s just a big ol’ bright star.”

He thought it was strange.

“Ah, maybe Yuuki-kun got dumped… After all, weird children are useless… it’s a fleeting dream…”

“No, no. I’m busy before the test.”

“And so they passed each other….”

“That’s why I have to study.”

“Why don’t you study with her?”



Mizuna pointed her finger down.

In short, Yuuki had to bring Yui home again, but…

“You’re just going to interrupt, anyways.”

“No, no. I wouldn’t do anything so petty.”

“Stop worrying about all that stuff and just study.”

“Eh–. I’ll study when Yui-chan comes.”


Mizuna shook her head up and down.

Unexpectedly, she was more honest than expected.

(But we should do our own thing as much as possible… to not cause trouble for Yui.)

While Mizuna was laughing out loud watching the TV next to him, Yuuki was thinking about such things.

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