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Chapter 45: Slight Skinship

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The next morning, as Yuuki arrived at school and was solving some practice problems in his seat, Yui came up to him from a group of girls and called out to him, “Good morning.”

Yui bent down and peered at Yuuki’s desk, with a bright smile.

“You’re working hard so early in the morning,” she said.

Was that a joke? Yuuki looked back at Yui’s face and said, “What’s wrong with that?”

He wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he decided to tell her about how Mizuna was acting yesterday, just in case.

“…Well, basically, she’s a little suspicious of the whole fake girlfriend thing.”

“Hmmm~, I see~….”

Yui tilted her face with a complicated expression.

Even if she was the Seatmate Killer, it was still a hassle in these kinds of situations.

He was thinking a blunt reaction was unavoidable, but,

“But you don’t mind if I show up at Yuuki-kun’s place again, do you? Okay, okay.”

Yui was surprisingly enthusiastic and made a ring with her fingers[1]. It seemed that the situation would be easily resolved.

However, as she remembered something, her expression became cloudy.

“Hmm… But I had promised to study with Rin-chan today…”

“Nah, that’s totally fine.”

“Well~, it’s for Mizuna-chan’s sake, so it can’t be helped~. It really can’t be helped~.”

She took out her cell phone and started doing something.

Yuuki wondered if he had interrupted their plans. If so, he felt bad about it.

“But you had plans with her first, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, but she’s okay with it. Look, Rin-chan said, [Don’t worry about it at all!]”


Somehow, an image of him laying on the ground battered popped into Yuuki’s head.

But if she said it would be fine, it’s probably okay.


After school, Yuuki went home with Yui.

When they walked into the living room together, Mizuna, who was sitting on the sofa messing with her phone, noticed them. She quickly got up and ran over to them.

“Waa~! It’s Yui-chan~! Yui-chan!”

Mizuna hugged Yui and her eyes were sparkling.

Before he knew it, Mizuna’s affection points for Yui were maxed out. Yuuki secretly looked at Yui in confusion.

“…Was it always like this?”

“Yep, yep, Yui-chan is very popular. She’s the kind of girl who can’t stop crying.”

“Isn’t that wrong?”

It looked like Yui was also surprised at the enthusiastic welcome.

She looked slightly uncomfortable while Mizuna was clinging to her.

“Ooh~ Yui’s butt~”

“H-hey! Mizuna-chan!”

There must have been a strange shift in Mizuna’s mind after the last incident.

Mizuna was stroking Yui’s buttocks.

“Do you wanna try to, Yuuki-kun?”

“Oh, you sure?”

“Of course not, isn’t that a given?”

“Why do you want to jump on the bandwagon?” Yui stared at Yuuki and didn’t give him the OK.

Mizuna looked unhappy and said,

“Ehh, but aren’t you guys dating?”

“I-it’s too early for that! We have a pure and healthy relationship!”

Yui firmly pushed Mizuna off of her.

Mizuna ran away to Yuuki’s side while pouting, so he put his hand on her head and started patting it.

“You’re fully clothed today. I’m proud of you.”


Mizuna had a sly grin.

Although she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts as loungewear, they were both worn firmly.

Since Mizuna wasn’t making any improvements on this problem at all, even though Yuuki had warned her about it, Yuuki started to praise her.

For Mizuna, it was an extremely low hurdle to clear since she got praised just for being dressed.

“I’ve noticed that when I’m not wearing underwear, there’s an extra feeling of release and thrill…”

“Let’s try to work a bit harder on that.”

As expected, it was difficult to keep praising her.


“Come in, come in.”

Then, at Mizuna’s recommendation, Yuuki and Yui sat on the couch.

Mizuna went into the kitchen to grab some drinks. It looked like tea, but the water content of both cups were disjointed.

Mizuna set the drinks on the table.

“Take your time. Good luck with your studying.”

With that, she walked out of the living room.

Yuuki wanted to tell her that even though she was acting like she was his mother, she needed to work the most on her studies.

He looked at the entrance of the living room and saw Mizuna peeking at them from the shadows.

As soon as she noticed Yuuki, she shook her fist, said, “Now’s your chance, go!” and gestured to him.

Yesterday, Mizuna was mumbling something like, “If you’re already in a relationship, there ought to be more… skinship…”

Either she began to suspect the fake girlfriend thing… or she simply didn’t like the fact that they weren’t making any progress.

Mizuna surely had a full view of Yui and Yuuki from the angle she was looking at them.

When Yui saw her, he was laughed at.

It wasn’t an excuse, but for the time being, he just listened to Yui.

“It seems that she’s worried that I’m going to be dumped by Yui…”

“Hehhh~… she’s worried about her brother. So?”

“In short, I thought it would be a good idea to show her a little skinship.”

“S-skinship? That said, what…”

“Hmmm… Then like before, lap pillows, etcetera…”

“….That’s just what you want to do.”

“That’s right?”

A mysterious pause lingered as they looked at each other.

It seemed like Yui wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. Instead, she cleared her throat, sat up, and straightened her back.

That was a sign that it was okay. But Yuuki was a bit hesitant to jump into her lap in this kind of situation.

“Somehow, this is a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?”

“M-mhm… so Yuuki-kun felt like that too.”

Yuuki wished that she would stop treating him as if he was a robot without feelings.

“It’s embarrassing when I think of my sister, who’s watching us.”

“Well, yeah. It’s like playing a maniac role.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Yuuki saw Mizuna clenching both fists in a guts pose.

Needless to say, when Yuuki put his head on Yui’s lap, he felt the warmth and softness of her body on his cheeks.

He gingerly deflated to press his face against her thighs, and a somewhat annoyed voice came from above his head.

“H-hey, is that how you sleep…?”

“This is the best way to feel your thighs.”

“W-what’s with that perverted comment! You’re a pervert, aren’t you!?”

“Yui’s lap is the best. Well, I don’t know of any other laps.”

“You’re the type of guy that would cheat, aren’t you?”

“How did you come to that conclusion?”

Yuuki looked up, and Yui turned away.

At the same time, his head began to shake. Yui started to move her knees up and down slowly.

“Hai, one! Two!” 2

“Stop lifting.”

“You’re head is so light! Is it empty in there?”

While saying that, she shook her knees up and down. So Yuuki sat up and silently gazed at Yui’s face.

“Ah, are you angry?”


“That’s hard to understand.”

This time, Yuuki looked away.

Then, he saw Mizuna swinging her fist up and down as if to say, “Ahh, what are you doing?!”

Yui leaned forward to block his view and looked at his face with a slightly worried expression.

“Mou, I’m sorry. Are you angry?”

“No, I’m not mad.”


“Just, instead…”

Yuuki stared into Yui’s eyes with implications.


At a short distance, he could see Yui’s long eyelashes flashing up and down.

And then, Yuuki brought his face closer to Yui’s, who had a delicate expression filled with expectations and anxiety.

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