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Chapter 46: Yui v.s. Mizuna

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“Hey, you’re close…”

Yui’s body stiffened.

However, Yuuki didn’t care. He closed the distance and whispered into her ear.

“If possible, it might be nice to hug you in a way that pushes your chest together.”

“…Yuuki-kun is a boy very loyal to his desires, isn’t he?”

Yuuki looked straight back at Yui.

“I’ll just say it, and if you say yes, then I’ll be lucky.”

“Not many people are that lucky.”

She gingerly pinched his earlobe and pulled it away.

Yui let go of his face and eventually they returned to their usual distance.

“As expected, it’s no good.”

“I-I didn’t say no… if we’re supposed to be dating, that wouldn’t be the case…”

Yui blinked several times as she looked up at him. Her cheeks were dyed slightly red as if appealing to him.

Yuuki was hesitant, even though it was a matter of course.

In the first place, if they were dating, they wouldn’t ask such questions one by one.

When Yuuki stood up, and said, “Do it now, do it!”, out of the corner of his eye, he could see Mizuna making a guts pose.

“T-then… only a little bit.”

Perhaps because she saw Mizuna and read the air, Yui suddenly said that.

However, Yuuki didn’t know what kind of shape she had in mind.

After being still for some time, Yui stood up and lifted her arms like a robot. She then awkwardly brought her body closer.

As Yui wraps her arms around his side, Yuuki also followed and extended both of his arms.

Then, under Yuuki’s face, he could hear Yui blurting out,

“…somehow this feels different. I want to see a sumo wrestler.”

For a moment, that reminded Yuuki of kamizumo. In this case, there wouldn’t be a way to win unless a major earthquake happened.

Instead, the ball (Yui’s head) suddenly came up to the tip of his nose.


“…Hey, are you listening? Don’t smell it!!”

She pushed away Yuuki’s shoulders with both of her hands.

When Yuuki stumbled back and sat on the couch, Mizuna nodded her head in disbelief and became similar to a zombie.

“All right, all right, I get it.”

Perhaps Yui read the air, because she sat down on the sofa and leaned closer to him.

And then she turned her head towards Yuuki.

“Sit up straight. And don’t move.”

She gave out detailed orders.

As Yuuki did what was asked of him, Yui tilted her head and leaned it on Yuuki’s shoulder.

“Oh, that feels nice.”


Before he knew it, Mizuna was holding up her cell phone and pointed the lens straight at them.

“Hey, wait, wait!”

Yui suddenly stood up and approached Mizuna, perhaps reaching the end of her patience.

Mizuna quickly hid her cell phone in her pocket.

“Did you take it? You took it, didn’t you!?”

“I did.”

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“I was just going to take a couple of lovey-dovey shots of both of you…”

“W-well, that’s fine! But Mizuna-chan should study as well!”

“Ehhh~~. It’s a little late now… feng shui-wise…”

It seemed Yui couldn’t get through to her either.

“Theeeen if Yui-chan wins the game, I’ll do it.”


With that, Mizuna retreated to her room and came back with a portable game console.

She connected it to the TV in the living room.

Mizuna pointed to the TV while holding the controller and said, “Let’s play this!” Yui smiled wryly.

On the screen was a battle-type action game where you controlled the characters to fight.

Yuuki was also forced to play against Mizuna once before, but contrary to its comical appearance, the game was complicated and deep.

“You shouldn’t do that, Mizuna. You don’t know how to play the game.”

“You probably aren’t good either, are you? You’re too stubborn to be outdone by women and children.”

After saying that, Yui sat down in front of the TV and exhaled.

When Mizuna handed her the controller, her hands made it look like she was really familiar with it.

Apparently, she was pretty motivated and had quite a bit of skill.

“Wow, do you play games, Yui?”

“I have to do all of the cleaning, laundry, cooking, and a bunch of other things… I won’t let you complain about me lazing around the house.”

Yuuki wasn’t sure why Yui said that so proudly.

Ignoring Yuuki’s gaze that seemed to say she was always messing around at home… Yui started to select her character.

“Well, let’s start light.”

“Hmmph, you’re talking big. I’ll put Yui-chan in her place.”

“Mizuna-chan, don’t cry if you lose, okay?”

They started to verbally fight, and the battle started.

After staring at each other for a while, eventually, Mizuna’s character decided to go first.

“Heh, Mizuna-chan’s not bad~.”

Yui seemed to have plenty of room for error.

At first, it was quiet, but as Mizuna’s attacks continued, she1 started screaming “What?” and “No!”.

And then, eventually, she shouted: “Oh!” and then the letters “KO” appeared on screen.

“Victory~~!! That was weak~, is Yui-chan not feeling well?”

“Well, well, it was the characters. The synergy…”

They changed characters and the fight began again.

This time, Yui didn’t look at Mizuna and her eyes were glued to the screen.

On the other hand, Mizuna showed a mysterious level of concentration and dexterity.

The same was true of her character movements, but the difference was from the amount of movement from her fingers.

Even with his untrained eye, Yuuki could tell that Mizuna was much better at this.

“Hah!? Just now, that was a cheat! Cheat!!”

Once again, Yui was one-sidedly overwhelmed and started screaming.

On the other hand, Mizuna looked relaxed.

“Huh, the weaker you are, the more you bark…”

In addition to that, Mizuna’s character started to make movements that annoyed Yui.

That was so unnecessary… and the look on Yui’s face.


It’s working, it’s working so well.

Yui’s character seemed more sluggish due to her annoyance and was knocked out. She lost again.

But even before she could catch her breath, Yui silently re-picked her character and demanded a rematch immediately.

Just before the battle began, Yui took a few deep breaths and appeared calm, but…

“Uwaa, what was that just now!? No, no, no, no!”

It soon became noisy again.

Yuuki looked at her from the side and she seemed to be like an elementary schooler… he felt she was lacking a little modesty for a high school girl.



“You’re a bit loud.”


He was chopped on his shoulder.

But as she took one hand away from her controller, the letters KO were on the screen.

Yui pointed at Yuuki.

“Ahh, Yuuki-kun was so noisy that I lost!!”

“Is it my fault?”

“Yuuki-kun! Swap for a bit!”

“Eh… nah, I’m not good at this… I can’t beat Mizuna.”

“No! Do it with Mizuna-chan!”

“Eh? Why?”

“Just do it!!”

Without knowing why, he was forced to swap with Mizuna, and the match began.

Naturally, Yuuki, who wasn’t used to the game and didn’t know the controls well, was one-sidedly stomped by Yui. In the blink of an eye, the battle was over.

“Yay!! I won!”

Yui let go of the controller, raised her hands, and made a guts pose.

In the background, Yuuki couldn’t help but silently look at Mizuna, who was meekly watching the whole thing unfold.

Then Mizuna gave Yui the kindest look from the side that he’d ever seen from her.

“Yui-chan… sorry?”

“…F-for what?”

When Yui turned around, Yui’s eyes were swimming from left to right.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Yui was also good.”

While Yuuki said that, he patted her head. Yui’s shoulders gave a jerk and then she glared at him in frustration as her face turned crimson.

However, when Mizuna, imitating Yuuki, said “It’s okay”, she became silent and stared at the ground.



1 Not clear, so the ‘she’ here is referring to Yui

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