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Chapter 47: A Good Friend? Two Beautiful Girls

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“So, about that1 and this…”

When Yuuki entered the classroom the next morning, he found a female student with long hair glued to Yui’s desk holding a notebook — it was Rin.

She was asking a ton of questions to Yui, who replied ‘Ufufu, that’s not…” in a good mood.

Yuuki, who had sat down, called out to Yui, “I’m gonna be pretty diligent this morning.”




She turned away with a weird sound.

Was she still mad about yesterday’s game? She really hated to lose.

Rin immediately shot him a glare and stood between Yuuki and Yui’s desk as if to separate them.

Was it okay to touch? The butt that protruded from her narrow waist was slightly constricted, and as Rin tried to keep Yuuki from interacting with Yui, she blocked his view and her skirt swung left and right as she shifted.

This was super inviting.

It was kind of annoying and he was worried he was going to involuntary give into his desires, so Yuuki decided to get up and headed to the bathroom.

“Good morning, Narito-kun.”

As he left the classroom, he was caught by Sonoda.

The guy had a seat near the door leading to the hall, which made it troublesome.

As Sonoda showed him a picture of an idol he liked, even though Yuuki didn’t ask, Keitaro came out of nowhere.

This was how things usually went. It seemed he didn’t like the fact that Yuuki and Sonoda were talking for some reason.

Keitaro forced his way in between them and pointed his gaze towards Yui’s seat.

“She’s here again”, he said.

“How nice. Two beauties in the same place.”

“Yep. I’d love to be there.”

“Not you. Don’t mix any impurities into there.”

Keitaro gave him a disdainful look, saying, “You sludge,” but Sonoda looked totally unaffected.

“But the Seat Breaker next to her was said to have an iron mask, but her smile is… antsy. It’s a gap moe.” 3

“No, I’m not laughing at you, okay? I was asking what the Seat Breaker is really like?”

“When she gets mad at me for what I do before I know it, it becomes pleasurable. At some point, it seems that my body can’t function without her cursing at me.”

“Hmm… you’ve definitely been broken in a lot of ways.”

As they were looking at those two, Rin suddenly turned to look at Yuuki and briskly approached him.

“What are you guys staring for? Are we eyesores?”

Rin glared at the three of them with a stern look, and somehow Yuuki and her eyes met.

Yuuki quickly looked at Sonoda and diverted her gaze.

“Hanashiro Rin. It was here, but it’s been a hundred years….”

He tried to parry but it failed. But Sonoda started dancing in front of Yuuki, so Rin’s attention turned to him.

Sonoda finally gave a nasty smile.

“This is the first time we’ve met, yes? Yes, I am Sonoda Kento.”


Sonoda was silent for a moment, but he didn’t waver.

“I know you don’t want to see it. But I’m the man at the top of the grade.”

“Who? You’re in the way.”

When Sonoda still refused to back down, Keitaro hurriedly pulled his arm from the side.

“Hey, that’s enough, you’re in her way.”

“I understand that you don’t want to recognize it. No matter how hard you try, you can’t reach the top…”

“You were fifth last time so you weren’t even at the top. Aren’t you just a kimo-ota4?”

“You’re wrong! Last time I just happened to be… yes, I wasn’t in the right mindset because of the Seatmate Killer! If I average last year’s results, I should definitively be number one…!”

And as the school’s top-ranked in terms of grades kept making excuses for himself,

“Rin-chan, where are you?”

Yui suddenly appeared behind Rin, peeking over her shoulder.

Rin straightened with a jolt and her expression awkwardly loosened.

“I-it’s fine, nothing’s wrong. They were just a bit of an eyesore…”

“You shouldn’t fight~”

Yui tried to interrupt, looking around at everyone.

As soon as she noticed Yuuki, she pointed at him.

“Let’s get him.”

“Of course, you don’t have to tell me.”

The two concentrated their bloodthirsty gazes toward him.

Did she think Yuuki was bullying her? As he was thinking, Yui quickly moved away and turned towards the hall.

“More importantly, toilet, toilet! Homeroom is about to start! Rin-chan, do you need to go too?”

Rin suddenly blushed when Yui said that.

“D-don’t be so vulgar!”

“Ohoho. Well then, Rin-san, let’s go.”

“….What’s with that?”

Rin wasn’t surprised and eventually went with her.

As she was leaving, Rin gave Yuuki one last glance, and Yui also turned around to stick her tongue out.

Keitaro and Sonoda watched them with their arms folded.

“I knew it, those two… nice.”

“Yep. Two beauties getting along…”

They had quite a complicated relationship.

However, Yuuki would appreciate it if they could stop making people look at him like he was their enemy.

“But Yuuki, you, you’re really loved.”

“Really? I give up.”

“I was being sarcastic. Seriously though, what the hell did you do?”


“Narito-kun, it’s a reward to be treated like that. You don’t understand the feelings of those who are broken… you don’t get it.”

“Uwaa, this time he’ll be looking for an idol who looks like Hanashiro.

Keitaro pointed to Sonoda.

Sonoda’s existence wasn’t even recognized, but he seemed to be happy.

“Why don’t you just go to Yui or Rin directly and have them shake your hand, instead of going such a roundabout way.”

“Narito-kun, I’m sure someone like you will be in the news.”

What a terrible thing to say.

It was as if he was a future criminal.

“What a second. You, why are you calling them Yui and Rin like you guys are close?”

“What? It’s their names.”

Sonoda held up his hand to Keitaro to signal him to stop.

“I get it. I get it, Narito-kun. I also call her Yui-tan when I’m alone.”

“Uwa, this guy calls her that when alone. That’s disgusting.”

Keitaro took two exaggerated steps back.

Likewise, Yuuki also stepped away from Sonoda and was about to leave the classroom when Keitaro quickly stopped him.

“Hey, where are you going, Yuuki?”

“To the toilet.”

“Okay. Then, why don’t we go together, huh?”

“On second thought, it’s fine if I wait until after homeroom.”

“Don’t avoid me so obviously.”

Yuuki spun around and went back to his seat, which was now quiet since Yui and Rin were gone.



1 ‘That’ is written in English in raws

2 Onomatopoeia for turning your head away in annoyance

3 When a character’s contradictory characteristics make them likeable

4 Kimo-ota is short for “kimochi-warui otaku”. It means ‘repulsive otaku’. Basically seen as worse than a normal otaku

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