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Chapter 49: Rin’s Request

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Rin sat next to Yuuki and held out her bento box.

From the half eaten bento, Yuuki picked up the last octopus-shaped wiener and put it into his mouth.

Rin grinned at Yuuki eating.

“Fuu~ you ate it… Now you’re the same as me…. so to speak. Next time you get cocky, I’ll tell people you’ve been eating alone.”

“I don’t really care.”

No matter how you looked at it, it was a lose-lose situation.

Or maybe Rin would be treated like a weirdo if she suddenly said something like that? So Yuuki thought.

“What if I tell Yui? That Rin was eating lunch by herself.”

“D-don’t do that! Tch, you’re so petty…”

Rin glared at Yuuki as if she were a captured knight.

He was just going to tell Yui to eat with her.

(You should just eat with her…)

Well, if there’s already an established friend group, it was pretty hard to get into it.

And eating alone like this meant you don’t need to say anything.

Yuuki was relieved he found a good spot to eat.

Yuuki took out the onigiri from his bag, opened it, and started eating. Rin was being wary of his behavior.

Did Rin not like something he was doing?

“Eating without a care in the world… are you aware of the situation?”

“This is delicious. It’s a happy situation.”

“Huh? You’re happy when eating in a place like this?”


Compared to his noisy seat, it was a world of difference.

The temperature was nice and the occasional breeze blowing through felt pleasant.

“It’d be nice to take a nap here.”

“Then I’ll snatch your wallet while you sleep. You wouldn’t be happy about that.”

“Why would you do that?”

“It’s because you’re a joke. You’re trying to convince yourself that you’re happy, aren’t you? I hate those kinds of deceitful liars.”

Rin said so in a flat tone.

“If you’re gonna talk like that, why not eat with someone else instead of being here? There was that guy who wanted to be your slave before.”

“That’s… really not good. It’s like they act like I’m a character and ask me to scold them more.”

Rin bit her lip.

Apparently the boys she had ‘broken’ were misunderstanding the breaker.

“But that’s the kind of character you are, right? The Seatmate Breaker.”

“W-what the hell? Could you not give me a weird nickname? I’m just a little sharp-tongued and sharp-eyed.”

“That’s already bad enough, isn’t it?”

Apparently there was a pattern Yuuki wasn’t aware of.

Rin put the last omelet into her mouth and cleaned up her bento box.

“But before I knew it, people saw me as this character and got scared… so I stopped trying to be a disciplinary committee member, a class rep, or anything like that. When I see a guy messing around without studying, I wonder if they’ll be okay in the future. By the way, I’m pretty worried about you, Narito-kun.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“No, I’m serious.”

Her eyes were serious. It was like he was being locked on.

She wasn’t sitting next to him, nor was she trying to go for a break.

“That kind of personality is the reason why you don’t have any friends. You can’t make friends, like my sister.”

“C-could you not say it like that?! In the first place, I do have a c-c-close f-friend…”

Why is she stuttering so much?

“Is it Yui?”

“Y-yeah, something wrong?”

Even though they were supposedly close friends, the name ‘Rin’ was never mentioned by Yui before the test.

After all, Yuuki, who sat in the seat next to Yui, had never even seen her face before.

“You guys don’t hang out much, do you? You never go home together, or anything.”

“W-well, that’s because we have conflicting schedules…”


She wasn’t convincing at all.

When Yuuki looked at her, Rin turned away.

After a bit of silence, Rin’s shoulders started shaking.

“F-fine! I’m only called when it’s convenient! In fact, I’m just one of her many friends! She cancelled our plans to study…”

Seemed like he was right.

It was hard to say Yuuki was in the wrong there.

“Well, Yui’s like that, so you don’t have to be particular about that…”

“Don’t talk bad about Yui! Anyways, only Yui was different from everyone! When I happened to be seated next to her… I got healed by Yui’s smile! I want to pay with Yui more. I want to go home together, LINE each other at night, hang out during the weekends…”

“Just do that then.”

“I’m telling you! She always gets me into her flow while I’m trying to ask to hangout! What do I do there?!”


“What are you laughing at?!”

“Nothing, it’s just funny to imagine.”

Rin was saying it in a cute way, and being honest, Yuuki thought that if she just honestly said it, she would be fine.

And yet, the person in question is still angry. Maybe it was because she didn’t like the fact that Yuuki had laughed at her.

“Rin is pretty and smart, but why is your personality so twisted?”

“Pretty and smart, but what does it matter? Yui is cute, bright, energetic, and loved by everyone…”

“I think that’s too much of a glorification.”

Yuuki felt like he wasn’t loved much.

The last time I was in a group conversation next to Yui, she asked me, “Will you just shut up for a second?” They were angry at me for not going on with the story. Maybe she’s being bullied? I thought.

“That’s not the case. In the first place, it’s a mystery as to why someone like Narito-kun is able to interact with Yui.”

It’s a very mysterious and mysterious belief that is peculiar to a complete failure.

She had a peculiar faith in Yui. It could be said that the Seatmate Killer is confusing.

Rin turned to Yuuki, who was eating his onigiri.

“…um. Shamefully, I have a request for Narito-kun.”

“What is it?”

“…Tell me how to get along with Yui.”

That was sudden.

Yui had corrupted Rin.

Yuuki has to make sure that Yui takes responsibility for Rin being like this.

Yuuki thought that it was his role to watch over Yui, including caring for her victims.

“You mean you’re embarrassed to ask her to hang out? Alright then, next Saturday and Sunday, I’ll invite you along with Yui.”


It was an unexpected offer and Rin’s eyelashes were blinking rapidly. She immediately flailed her hands.

“T-that’s nice of you, but… don’t mention me! You look like you’re a nobody, but don’t make it seem like I’m desperate!!”

“I know, I know. So this will be our strategy…”

There wasn’t any particular danger of being overheard, but Yuuki hushed his voice anyways.

Rin, who’s cheeks were flushed due to her excitement, obediently leaned in and listened.

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