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My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily (Web Novel)





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Young Master Lu says, "My wife knows nothing at all and has a bad temper. You'd better not bully her." Gu Mang watches silently as this man warns everyone who comes his way.
Young Master Lu says, "Read properly. How can you remember anything if you flip the pages so quickly?" Gu Mang takes up another book and reads it speedily.
Young Master Lu complains, "What should I do when my babe hates studying?" What else can he do other than dote on her?
Until one day...
"Young Master, numerous universities in the capital and even top universities overseas are fighting to get Madam to enroll!"
"Young Master, many TCM research centers are getting into deadly squabbles over hiring Madam." "Young Master, a legion of huge international law firms want to employ Madam."
"Young Master, several eminent hacking organisations are here too..."
"Young Master, multiple financial groups have come..."
"Young Master..."
To all these, Young Master Lu says, "What the f**k! Get out of here!"
Yes, his wife is a genius.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 361: Aim Properly and Fire2021-01-18
Chapter 360: If No Blood is Shed, You Won’t Learn the Lesson by Heart2021-01-17
Chapter 359: Why Haven’t You Learned to be Obedient2021-01-17
Chapter 358: A Tight Slap Across An An’s Face2021-01-16
Chapter 357: Sister Mang Is Very Innocent:2021-01-16
Chapter 356: The Power of Seven Billion Dollars2021-01-16
Chapter 355: Gu Yin is Thinking About the Doctors Trained in Chinese Medicine at the Capital2021-01-15
Chapter 354: Has The World Really Gone Mad…2021-01-15
Chapter 353: Doubting Gu Mang?2021-01-15
Chapter 352: This is Simply Humiliating Country K2021-01-15
Chapter 351: All Information Has Been Erased2021-01-15
Chapter 350: Cold on The Outside, Passionate on The Inside. Brother Cheng, This Time I’m Serious2021-01-15
Chapter 349: Are You Conning Your Father?2021-01-15
Chapter 348: Gu Mang is Still Young. You Need to Know Your Limits2021-01-15
Chapter 347: Look for Lu Family2021-01-15
Chapter 346: I’m My Own Substitute2021-01-15
Chapter 345: Second Round of Humiliation2021-01-15
Chapter 344: First Round of Humiliation2021-01-15
Chapter 343: Go Die!2021-01-15
Chapter 342: Miracle Doctor, Today Was Just a Misunderstanding2021-01-15
Chapter 341: Someone Just Wants to Act Recklessly2021-01-15
Chapter 340: The Collaboration Has Ended One-Sidedly2021-01-15
Chapter 339: What does the most mysterious master of Chinese medicine look like?2021-01-15
Chapter 339: What does the most mysterious master of Chinese medicine look like?2021-01-15
Chapter 338: The Big Boss Could Show Off so Easily2021-01-15
Chapter 337: Are You Doing It or Am I?2021-01-15
Chapter 336: Hemoptysis Coma2021-01-15
Chapter 335: Wanna Form a Team?2021-01-15
Chapter 334:2021-01-15
Chapter 333: Fighting Over Becoming her ‘Younger Brother’2021-01-15
Chapter 332: She is the Real Big Boss2021-01-15
Chapter 331: Really Wanted to Meet Arctic Fox in Person2021-01-15
Chapter 330: Big Boss is More Valuable than the Top Assassin ‘Silence’2021-01-15
Chapter 329: They Will Tarnish the Miracle Doctor’s Reputation Personally!2021-01-15
Chapter 328: Standing Before the Pure White Healthcare Bed Dressed in All Black2021-01-15
Chapter 327: Your Big Boss is Still Your Big Boss2021-01-15
Chapter 326: Erroneous Treatment Damages Yang2020-12-31
Chapter 325: Exposed in Front of Everyone2020-12-31
Chapter 324: I Knew It, The President Feels Uneasy2020-12-30
Chapter 323: Suspicion. The Older One Is The Better His Medical Skills Are?2020-12-30
Chapter 322: Be Serious, It Isn’t Child’s Play This Time Round2020-12-29
Chapter 321: Everyone Has Been Fooled2020-12-29
Chapter 320: Leaked News. The Whole City Is Looking for Big Boss.2020-12-28
Chapter 319: They Despise Being Boys Who Help to Carry Bags2020-12-28
Chapter 318: Big Boss Arrives in Country K2020-12-27
Chapter 317: You’re Still Playing? Aren’t You Afraid of Not Being Able to Leave Today?2020-12-27
Chapter 316: Big Boss Seemed to Be Psychotically Formidable in All Aspects2020-12-26
Chapter 315: Ah, It Seems like She Played with Fire2020-12-26
Chapter 314: This Is Hard to Explain2020-12-25
Chapter 313: I Wonder When These Two Will Stop Wasting Time2020-12-25
Chapter 312: Brother Cheng, It’s Sister-in-Law!2020-12-24
Chapter 311: Whose Arms Did You Say You Would Cripple?2020-12-24
Chapter 310: Big Boss Has Went Berserk For Her Partner2020-12-23
Chapter 309: The Two Groups Are About to Get Into a Fight2020-12-23
Chapter 308: Pick Up Point, Stir Things Up2020-12-22
Chapter 307: Check On Lin Shuang2020-12-22
Chapter 306: Taking One Month Leave2020-12-21
Chapter 305: Big Boss Is Always One Step Ahead2020-12-21
Chapter 304: If You Have Time, Come and Visit the Research Lab2020-12-20
Chapter 303: There Is No Place For Me2020-12-20
Chapter 302: I Never Want to See Ms. Gu Blow Up a Second Time2020-12-19
Chapter 301: A Handwritten Letter. You Can Go Back Now.2020-12-19
Chapter 300: At Midnight She Turns Eighteen While the Doorbell Rings2020-12-18
Chapter 299: An Unparalleled Status2020-12-18
Chapter 298: The Principal of Capital University Came Personally2020-12-17
Chapter 297: Rich Lady2020-12-17
Chapter 296: Are There Any More Friends Coming?2020-12-16
Chapter 295: The Top Student’s Support Group2020-12-16
Chapter 294: Gu Si: Suddenly wanting to take the university entrance exams…2020-12-15
Chapter 293: Love Me, Love My Dog: Elder Tan’s Status Has Risen to Teacher of the Empress2020-12-15
Chapter 292: The Big Shots Gather at World Restaurant for the Birthday Celebration2020-12-14
Chapter 291: It Didn’t Look Like the First Time2020-12-14
Chapter 290: So This Is What It Is Like To Be Blinded By Lust!2020-12-13
Chapter 289: No wonder people look down on medical organizations2020-12-13
Chapter 288: Brother Cheng Getting Aroused2020-12-12
Chapter 287: That Looks So Much Like Love!2020-12-12
Chapter 286: It Is Too Late to Say Anything Now2020-12-11
Chapter 285: Huh? Are You Intending to Hold a Birthday Celebration for Me?2020-12-11
Chapter 284: Wanting to Train a Child Better Than Gu Mang?2020-12-10
Chapter 283: Finding Them an Eyesore2020-12-10
Chapter 282: Come Back With Us In The Afternoon2020-12-09
Chapter 281: Are You Rejecting Us?2020-12-09
Chapter 280: Giving You Senior Member Status2020-12-08
Chapter 279: Confirming on a Major2020-12-08
Chapter 278: Interviews Officially Began2020-12-07
Chapter 277: I am Here for Fun2020-12-07
Chapter 276: Medical Organization in Ming City2020-12-06
Chapter 275: A Bunch of People Came to Ming City2020-12-06
Chapter 274: Letter of Intent From Many Schools2020-12-05
Chapter 273: Remove My Name from the Interview List2020-12-05
Chapter 272: Had Not Taught a Student with a Perfect Score and Did Not Know How2020-12-04
Chapter 271: Big Boss Said, “No Special Treatment”2020-12-04
Chapter 270: Monster at ‘Spoiling the Market’2020-12-03
Chapter 269: Teacher from Medical School’s Admission Office2020-12-03
Chapter 268: Why Do You Enjoy Scoring Zeros?2020-12-02
Chapter 267: Second Round of Humiliation2020-12-02
Chapter 266: Eating Crow2020-12-01
Chapter 265: Sister Mang: Specialized Font Type for Scoring Full Marks2020-12-01
Chapter 264: 10 Years Ago; Seven Years Old? Year Three?2020-11-30
Chapter 263: My Scores Depend on My Mood2020-11-30
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