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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 2217 - Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (8)

Chapter 2217: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (8)

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“Thank you,” without raising her head from her work, Qin Ning said.

When her secretary left, she raised her head to look at the hamburger and coffee. She suddenly missed that person.

When Tang Chuan was here, he didn’t allow her to eat fast food for lunch.

In his words, even dogs would go crazy if they had to eat hamburgers every day.

No matter how amazing Europe and North America were, the diversity of food was poor. Other than steak, pasta, pizza, and hamburgers, there wasn’t much else to choose from.

Chinese food was different, and its diversity could shock anyone.

When Tang Chuan was at the office, he would make Qin Ning fried rice using the company’s pan. He would also make her soup and noodles from the pots.

Even though it was simple, it was nutritious. Qin Ning loved it, but now he was gone and she was back to the life of fast food.

She suddenly felt like she had lost something important…

It was said that habits were a terrifying thing. Once you become used to something, you would feel terrible when you lose it.

Qin Ning picked up her phone and checked the time. It should be late at night in China, and she wondered what Tang Chuan was doing.

She posted a status saying, “Habits are terrifying, because losing something hurts more than not ever possessing it in the first place.”

Two seconds after she posted it, she regretted her decision and deleted it.

Tang Chuan was lying on his bed and playing on his phone when he saw Qin Ning’s icon pop up. When he refreshed it, it was gone.

“Huh? That’s weird… I thought she posted something?” Tang Chuan was speechless.

Qin Ning was stubborn, but Tang Chuan was more stubborn at times. They always thought of each other, but nobody wanted to make the first move.

Their longing for each other became a habit, and silently liking each others’ statuses also became a habit.

After Jian Tong’s death, Huo Mian got very ill. As for the reason, nobody knew if it was the shock, or if it was freezing weather.

She kept on coughing, and no medication made her better.

Qin Chu, a certified Western doctor, took Huo Mian to many traditional Chinese medical professionals and even to renowned professors.

She drank a lot of traditional medicine to no effect.

In a Western doctor’s words, her lungs were inflamed and not clean.

In a Chinese doctor’s words, her lungs were heated and they were in need of a cleanse.

Huo Mian didn’t go to work at South Side. She would attend occasional emergency meetings and then return home immediately after she took care of urgent matters.

After Director Wu heard of the situation, he gave Huo Mian time off for seven days after the New Year.

The Chinese New Year was approaching and the streets were beginning to look festive. There were red banners, lanterns, and firecrackers adorning the shops on the streets.

Qin Chu went to work, but he worried about Huo Mian. So, he would always drive home to take her out on walks.

That day, Su Yu took the twins to the Su Family’s residence for dinner.

Zhixin drove his mom to dine with old family friends.

It was just the couple left at home, and Qin Chu suggested that he take her shopping.

Although Huo Mian wasn’t in the mood, she didn’t want to be a downer.

The two walked hand in hand to the most popular mall on the Central Circle. It was bustling, maybe because of the approaching holiday.

- Inside the Chanel store -

Huo Mian sat on the sofa and Qin Chu carefully helped her try on the shoes that she picked.

The female staffs were overcome with admiration.

“Madame, your husband is such a gentleman… You must be newlyweds?” the store owner gossiped.

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