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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3405 - Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 5

Chapter 3405 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 5

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Hearing her words, An braked immediately and pulled up on the side; he engaged the emergency brake, so people would think they stopped due to a problem with the car.

After all, it wasn’t right to stop on the viaduct without a good reason.

“What’s up, hero?” An was startled.

“Switch seats with me. I’ll drive.”

“Huh?” Before An could react, Lu Yan dragged him out by grabbing his collar.

Then she got behind the wheel; before An could sit down, she stepped hard on the gas and the car shot out like an arrow. It was a thrilling sight.

“Slow down! Slow down. We have a speed limit in the city.” An kept warning her.

Lu Yan ignored him as she overtook several cars and raced toward the white Toyota.

“Lu Yan, don’t…” An finally understood why Lu Yan took over the driving. She was targeting the white Toyota.

An thought she’d hit it with their car, but he was wrong.

She overtook the white Toyota and cut in the lane before it.

Then she stepped on the brake and stopped the car.

The driver in the White Toyota was caught by surprise and it was too late for him to stop in time.

The white Toyota crashed into Su Yu’s white Porsche 911.

The huge sound of the crash startled everyone.

Lu Yan was prepared and dragged An out of the car with her.

The rear of the Porsche was damaged beyond recognition.

The driver in the white Toyota was cushioned by the airbag, and his car was severely damaged too.

The driver was uninjured but was scared witless by the accident.

He stared ahead with a blank mind.

Letting go of a startled An, Lu Yan walked to the Toyota.

“Stupid bastard, you rear-ended me…” Lu Yan said with a smirk.

“You stopped before me purposefully. Are you trying to blackmail me?” The guy snapped back to his senses and railed at Lu Yan.

“Did you see I stopped on purpose before you?” Lu Yan asked.

“You can’t blackmail me. I’ve got a dashcam. When the police come, they’ll know I’m innocent.” The guy looked confident.

Lu Yan glanced at his dashcam and turned the wheel on her watch slightly.

“I’m afraid your dashcam is broken. You’re out of luck.”

“Impossible. I don’t believe it…”

Afraid Lu Yan would damage his dashcam, he immediately took the dashcam from his car.

But he couldn’t turn it on. Pulling out the chip, he inserted it into the device again but there was no data in it.

“Damn it. What’s wrong with it? It was fine yesterday.” The guy was dumbfounded as he found the dashcam was indeed broken.

If he couldn’t prove that the woman had stopped the car before him purposefully, he must take full responsibility in the rear-end accident according to the traffic rules.

“Your Toyota Camry costs at most 300,000 yuan, but my Porsche costs about one million. Even if you get the insurance company to pay for it, the most you can get is 500,000 yuan and you have to pay the rest. The car is ruined beyond repair. I think you’d better buy a new one for me.” Lu Yan raised her head.

“B*tch, you dare to blackmail me. I’ll kill you…” Enraged, the guy dashed up and punched at her face.

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