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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3407 - Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 7

Chapter 3407 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 7

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Lu Yan didn’t know how to answer An’s question.

“I… do small business abroad.”

“What kind of business?” Obviously, An didn’t believe her.

“Um… I just do errands and solve problems for people in exchange for money.”

“Ah?” An froze.

“No, no. Um… I mean I take money from people and help them have fun,” Lu Yan immediately corrected herself.

“What on earth is the business?” An found Lu Yan’s description extremely vague.

“Forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you. Don’t ask, okay? Anyway, you just take me as a spendthrift girl with a super-rich dad.”

An nodded and didn’t say more of it. After all, with Dr. Huo and President Qin being so wealthy, how could their sister be poor? She was probably just a daughter of a Chinese magnate living abroad.

She had probably learned some Kungfu when she was young, just in case someone tried to kidnap her.

Lu Yan and An arrived at Su Yu’s house less than 20 minutes after Su Yu.

They didn’t say anything about the fight or the new car since An was afraid his boss’s heart was too fragile to take in all this information.

When they entered, they found that Zeng Rou had made breakfast and was bringing it to the table.

It was simple: toasts, ham slices, and fried eggs.

She heated some milk because she wasn’t a professional cook and couldn’t make steamed buns.

“That’s all?” Lu Yan glanced at it and asked coolly.

“Auntie, what do you want to eat?” Little Bean immediately asked.

“I like Chinese breakfast such as congee and pickles,” said Lu Yan.

“Um… An, you go and buy some for us.” Su Yu glanced at An.

“It’s okay. I can make congee; it will be ready very soon,” said Zeng Rou.

“How about pickles? We don’t have pickles, right?” Su Yu didn’t like pickles, so they usually didn’t buy them.

“I can make pickles with cucumber. Just wait a moment.”

Now that everyone was eating, Zeng Rou felt it wasn’t right to ask An to go out and buy food, so she might as well just make it herself.

“Then I’ll help you.” Su Yu felt it wasn’t right to have Zeng Rou go and cook in the kitchen while everyone else was eating.

“Handsome Su, you feel bad for her?” Little Bean smirked.

“Shut up. Zeng Rou isn’t my housemaid, so it’s not right to treat her in this way. You guys continue with your meal. I’ll go and help her.”

He went into the kitchen.

“President Su, you stay put; I’ll go help Miss Zeng.” An was about to rise when Lu Yan kicked him.

“Sit down.”

“Huh?” An was confused.

“It’s none of your business. Just sit down.” Lu Yan gave him a hard look.

An didn’t dare to move; he felt the twins and Lu Yan were behaving a bit strangely but couldn’t name it.

In the kitchen.

When Su Yu entered, Zeng Rou was washing the rise.

“I’ll help you.”

“It’s not necessary. Go out and have breakfast. I’ll get it ready in a moment.”

“Um… are you displeased?”

“Why?” Zeng Rou looked at Su Yu.

“When the kids asked to have breakfast here all of a sudden, I guessed they might have some misunderstandings about you. They are very close to me and thus don’t like the women around me… I hope you don’t take it to heart.”

“I know.” Zeng Rou nodded.

“I apologize for what happened today. You’re not my housemaid and don’t have to cook for us,” Su Yu sounded ashamed.

“What are you talking about? We’re friends, right?” Zeng Rou smiled cheerfully.

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