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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3414 - Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 14

Chapter 3414 Never Fall in Love With Someone Like Me 14

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The twins fell silent again.

“Okay. Now here is the question for you two: why did you do it?” Huo Mian asked.

Little Bean glanced at her elder sister for direction.

Pudding hesitated for a moment and decided to tell the truth.

After all, with her mom’s intelligence, she’d have guessed the answer anyway.

“Mom, we just wanted to test Auntie Zeng Rou’s character for Handsome Su.”

“So, you mean Su Yu, an adult, isn’t smart enough and needs help from two three-year-old kids, right?”

“No, Mommy.”

“Pudding, Little Bean, I feel very bad. Because your dad and I are too busy with our work, we’ve neglected your education. We thought you were thoughtful kids, but you did such a stupid thing about Su Yu’s personal life.”

“Mom, Handsome Su regards us as his own daughters, and we thought we should do something for him.”

“I know you meant well, but what you did is ridiculous. You thought… no one would see through your plan, but if Zeng Rou is smart, she would pretend to like you and be nice to you; if Zeng Rou is hot-tempered and not nice to you, it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person; it’s probably because she just doesn’t like you guys. Your logic doesn’t make sense…”

“Sis, it’s not their fault…” Lu Yan had never seen her sister lecture the kids before and tried to speak for the kids.

“Yan, if you say one more word, you can get out of the car and go to the hospital in a taxi to see me.”

“Um… I’ll shut up.” Not daring to intervene, Lu Yan could only pray for the kids.

“Mom, I’ll just ask you: does Handsome Su love us or not?” mustering her courage, Pudding stood up and asked Huo Mian.

“He does.”

“He loves us so much; it’s natural for us to be concerned about his personal life, right?” Pudding continued bravely.


“Women like Handsome Su. Besides the female performers around him each day in Imperial Star, there are lots of girls from rich and powerful families, as well as models and TV hostesses who are trying to get his attention. Is it wrong for us to help him tell the good apart from the bad ones?” Pudding said.

“You don’t understand. Su Yu’s very smart and a businessman who once was a soldier. Despite his powerful family background, he has gained what he has now with his own abilities. He doesn’t need you kids to test people for him. He knows what kind of person Zeng Rou is. However, what you did to Zeng Rou today would make people think you’re spoiled brats.”

“Mom… We’re not…” Hearing their mom’s severe tone, Little Bean had tears in her eyes.

Her voice was as small as a mosquito’s…

“Mom, I don’t agree. I think we did a favor for Handsome Su. Auntie Zeng Rou is okay for now, but we must observe her some more.”

“No matter if it’s Zeng Rou or any other woman, Su Yu doesn’t need interference from you, me, or your dad. We are close with the Su Family, but not close enough to tell Su Yu whom he should like. Love is something very personal and you’re too young to understand it.”

Huo Mian thought the kids were still young and it was useless to explain to them certain things since they couldn’t understand them yet.

“Mom, don’t get mad. You’re pregnant…” sobbing, Little Bean apologized to her mom.

Hearing her sister’s words, Pudding was subdued.

“Are you curious about how I learned about it?” Huo Mian asked.

The kids exchanged a glance, feeling their mom could read their mind.

“Are you suspecting that Zeng Rou is the most likely person to call me and tell on you?” Huo Mian asked again.

“So, did she do that?” Pudding looked at her mom calmly, eager to know the answer.

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