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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3421 - Young Master Tang Proposing 1

Chapter 3421 Young Master Tang Proposing 1

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Lu Yan decided to get rid of all the bastards in the hotpot restaurant if they dared to lie to her.

She was ready to commit acts of violence when a familiar voice came.

“Lu Yan, you are enjoying yourself back in China, huh?”

“Psycho Qiao?” Lu Yan was nonplussed.

She turned around and saw the manager of the hotpot restaurant was holding a cellphone in his shaking fingers.

On the screen of the cellphone was a silver-haired man lounging on a Russian-style chair; dressed in a deep blue military uniform, he looked like a demon.

“You, you, you…” Lu Yan couldn’t get the words out.

The damned guy didn’t return her messages or answer her calls. She thought they were in a cold war, but now he suddenly appeared in a hotpot restaurant.

“You’re an untrustworthy woman.”

“Here you go again…” Lu Yan was embarrassed.

“I shouldn’t have believed your words.” Qiao Fei regretted that he had lost his head and agreed to the woman’s plan, which resulted in a long separation for them.

While she was enjoying great food in the company of a young man, he was in Russia facing his cold father, his evil second elder brother, and a star-eyed Amy. Qiao Fei was furious.

“But you badmouthed me with Amy behind my back,” Lu Yan pointed out.

“Do you think it’s right for you to go shopping and have meals with another guy?” Qiao Fei asked.

“Yeah. Everything I do is right; everything you do is wrong.”

“Lu Yan, you’re being very unreasonable.”

“I’m not Lu Yan if I’m reasonable. What’s the reason? How much is one pound of it? Can I eat it?” Lu Yan cocked her head and smirked, trying to anger Qiao Fei.

“You think I can’t deal with you since I’m in Russia, right?”

“What can you do?” Lu Yan continued to provoke him.

“The guy outside is Su Yu’s bodyguard, right? What’s your relationship with him?”

“We’re intimate. He’ll soon become my boyfriend,” Lu Yan said to infuriate Qiao Fei.

“I give you another chance to tell me the truth, or I’ll have him killed in five seconds.”

Hearing his words, Lu Yan turned around and ran to the entrance of the restaurant.

Standing beside the Lamborghini, An was oblivious of the danger.

Lu Yan looked around and was shocked when she saw a sniper on the top of the building behind An. The sniper was aiming at An.

She knew Psycho Qiao would never bluff and An was truly in danger.

“Psycho Qiao, are you serious?”

“What do you think?”

“Don’t… Calm down, please…” Scared, Lu Yan admitted defeat.

“So, what’s your relationship with him?”

“Really nothing. My sister asked Su Yu to keep me company, so I don’t get bored. But Su Yu is busy and sent his bodyguard to keep me company. The fellow is a good guy, so don’t take it out on him… There’s nothing between him and me,” Lu Yan finally gave an honest explanation.

“Are you finished?”

“Yeah. I’m finished. There’s nothing between us. Don’t you have spies here? You’ll see I’m telling the truth. Come on and get the sniper out of here. If he’s careless and misfires, it will be a disaster…” If An was killed, Lu Yan knew her sister would be unable to face Su Yu again.

“Say you love me.”

“Huh?” Lu Yan was stunned.

“Say you love me, and I’ll tell the sniper to retreat,” Qiao Fei said expressionlessly and didn’t look like he was joking.

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