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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3423 - Young Master Tang Proposing 3

Chapter 3423 Young Master Tang Proposing 3

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“I’d like to buy flats that are comfortable to walk in.”

“Oh. Is she pregnant?” The saleswoman was quite nosy.

“Um… Yeah, for a pregnant woman.” Su Yu decided to tell the truth.

“These shoes are perfect for your friend. They are new arrivals for this fall. In the north, the weather is turning cold soon, and we can’t wear sandals; these leather flats have soft soles. Just feel it.”

The saleswoman picked up one shoe and showed it to Su Yu.

He had never bought shoes for women and didn’t know how to choose, but after touching the soles, he found they were indeed soft.

When Huo Mian came to his house that morning, he had noticed the black flats she was wearing were a bit small for her feet now.

Due to her pregnancy, Huo Mian’s feet would become swollen after walking for a long time, and her current shoes were a bit tight for her now.

Su Yu planned to buy her a pair of flats as a gift.

“They are indeed soft. What colors do you have?”

“There are three colors; black, white, and pink.”

“Um… Get one pair of each for me.”

“You want three pairs?” The saleswoman was startled.

“Yeah. Pack them up.”

“Sir, these shoes are new arrivals and there are no discounts for them. One pair is 8,600 yuan; three pairs are 25,800 yuan.”

“Here is 30,000 yuan. Keep the rest as your tip.”

Su Yu was a generous man and he was in a good mood now that he had found the shoes he wanted.

The saleswoman was elated. Having been a saleswoman for luxurious brands for a long time, she had found some rich people were misers and quite sensitive to prices. Few people would buy three pairs of shoes at once and gave a tip of thousands of yuan.

Walking out of the mall with the shoes, he sent Huo Mian a message on WeChat.

“Are you at the hospital?”


“I’ll go and see you in a moment.”


Huo Mian wasn’t a woman who liked to babble; due to their special relationship, she seldom chatted with Su Yu.

- At South Side -

In a good mood, Su Yu walked into Huo Mian’s office but was surprised to see Qin Chu was in it too.

“Um. Hi,” Su Yu greeted him in awkwardness.


“Is today a special day? How come both President Qin and President Su came to my office today? Are you here to get a physical check? I’ll give you guys a 20% discount.”

“Nonsense. I’m perfectly healthy. I don’t need a check.” Su Yu chuckled.

Then he saw Huo Mian was wearing a pair of new shoes; the style was simple but the shoes were obviously very expensive.

“You got new shoes?” Su Yu asked.

“Yeah. Mr. Qin’s gift. He said my feet got bigger lately, so he bought eight pairs.”

Huo Mian pointed behind her.

Su Yu saw a small pile of shoe boxes.

“These are for you to wear in the hospital; there are ten pairs more at home,” said Qin Chu.

“My goodness. Honey, you’re crazy… Why did you buy so many?” Huo Mian exclaimed.

“For you to wear. I also bought ten pairs for the baby.”

“He’s not born yet, and you bought shoes for him?” Huo Mian chuckled.

“I saw them so I bought them. It’s no trouble at all.” Qin Chu sat on the sofa and browsed the financial news while talking to Huo Mian.

Seeing them talk so lovingly, Su Yu felt he had come at a bad time.

“Hey. You came to see me for something?”

“Nothing. I came to see my mother and just dropped in to see you.”

“Auntie Su is still working?”

“Yeah.” Su Yu nodded guiltily.

“What’s in your hand? Did you go shopping?” Huo Mian noticed the bag in his hand and it seemed to contain shoe boxes.

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