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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3424 - Young Master Tang Proposing 4

Chapter 3424 Young Master Tang Proposing 4

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“I… bought some shoes,” Su Yu faltered.

“This brand is women’s shoes, right?” Qin Chu put down his cellphone and glanced at the shoes in Su Yu’s hand.

“Yeah… They are for my mom,” said Su Yu.

“Ha. What a coincidence. You guys all bought shoes. Fortunately, you bought them for Aunt; just remember to not buy shoes for Zeng Rou,” Huo Mian instructed.

“Why not?”

“Don’t you know? Old people used to say if boys buy shoes for their girlfriends, the girls will fly away…”

“They are not butterflies and can’t fly. You still believe that superstitious stuff?”

“Oh, did Yan make trouble for you this morning?”

“No. Lu Yan is cute.” Su Yu scratched his head.

“Don’t lie to me. Our Yan isn’t cute; she’s violent, right?” Huo Mian chuckled.

“I don’t know. An keeps her company and I haven’t stayed with her long enough to see her violent side.”

“When you have time, take your girlfriend and have dinner with us,” Qin Chu stood up and said.

“Um… Okay. We’ll have dinner some time. I’ve got to go now.”

Su Yu left Huo Mian’s office with the shoes he had bought for her.

After all, her husband had bought shoes for her. Su Yu regretted buying the shoes; after all, Qin Chu loved Huo Mian so much and wouldn’t need him to worry about such trivial things for her.

He took the shoes to his mother’s office.

Since she began working, Mrs. Su found her days were quite fulfilling; she worked diligently and sometimes had lunch with Huo Mian in the hospital. She felt content.


“Yu, what are you doing here?” Mrs. Su was happy to see her son and went up to him immediately.

“I… was passing the hospital and decided to come up and see you.”

“You came to see me?” Mrs. Su knew her son.

“Okay. Don’t overthink, Old Lady. Oh, by the way, I bought you shoes.”

Su Yu handed the boxes to her.

“You bought shoes for me?” Mrs. Su was puzzled since it wasn’t a holiday or her birthday.

Opening the box, she understood when she saw the style of the shoes.

“Yu, you didn’t buy the shoes for me, right?”

“Don’t ask me whom I bought them for. Now they are yours.” Su Yu sat down on the sofa and opened a bottle of water.

“Yu, do you know my shoe size?”

“Um… Isn’t it 37?” Su Yu froze.

“37 is Mian’s size. My size is 38.”

“It’s fine. The shoes will stretch out as you wear them,” Su Yu said casually.

“What on earth happened? You bought shoes for Mian; why didn’t you give them to her?”

Mrs. Su thought her son and Huo Mian were only friends now and it was no big deal for him to buy shoes for her. She wondered why Su Yu gave her the shoes instead.

“Mian refused to take them?” Mrs. Su felt sorry for her son.

“No. I didn’t give them to her.”

“Why not? If you feel shy about it, I’ll give them to her…”

She picked up the shoeboxes and started to open the door.

“Mom, I went there; Qin Chu is in her office…”

“So what? You are not having an affair with Mian. It’s not a big deal for you to show concern for her when she’s pregnant.”

“Qin Chu had just bought many pairs of shoes for Mian… So, I didn’t give the shoes to her,” Su Yu said embarrassedly.

“Yu…” Mrs. Su hurt inside to see her son in this way.

“Silly boy… My silly boy.”

“Mom, I’m fine. If you don’t want the shoes, then you can give them away.”

Su Yu stood up to leave.

“Yu, take the shoes and give them to Zeng Rou. I think she might wear this size; and she’ll be happy to have them,” Mrs. Su said suddenly.

Su Yu paused his steps…

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