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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3425 - Young Master Tang Proposing 5

Chapter 3425 Young Master Tang Proposing 5

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“Do you think it’s the right thing to do? I didn’t buy the shoes for her.”

“Why not? If we don’t say it, she won’t know. Take them to her.”

Mrs. Su hoped her son would get closer to Zeng Rou, so they might have the chance to hit it off.

Resigned, Su Yu took the three pairs of shoes back home.

When he got home, An had returned, too.

Zeng Rou was watching TV in the living room.

“Hi, you’re back.” Zeng Rou looked back at Su Yu.

“Yeah.” Su Yu looked uncomfortable.

“Whoa. Did you go shopping? You bought lots of stuff, right?” seeing the bags in his hands, Zeng Rou joked.

“Yeah. These are for you.”

Su Yu handed her the three pairs of shoes awkwardly.

“For me?” Zeng Rou was a bit surprised.

Taking the boxes, she glanced at the name of the brand and knew they were from a luxurious brand and were quite expensive.

Opening one box and looking at the size printed on the sole, she understood instantly.

“Um… In fact, I bought them for someone else but didn’t give them to her. If you like, you can take them,” Su Yu didn’t like to lie, so he told the truth.

“Oh. Thank you. I like them very much.”

Seeing Su Yu was honest with her, Zeng Rou was pleased and tried on the shoes.

“Su Yu, which color do you think is good on me?” Zeng Rou asked cheerfully.

“They are all good.” Not an expert in women’s stuff, Su Yu couldn’t tell the difference.

“Damn it. You humored me… Forget it. I’ll go and ask An.”

Cheerfully, Zeng Rou picked up the shoes and went out to find An who was washing cars outside of the house.

Su Yu touched his nose, feeling bad about the whole thing.

At this moment, his cellphone rang; it was a strange number and obviously from abroad.


“President Su, it’s me.” It was Nie Lingxuan’s voice.

“Oh.” Hearing her voice, Su Yu was at a loss for words.

“How are you?”

“Fine. How about you?”

“I’m fine.”

Then they were silent for as long as 30 seconds as if they didn’t know what to say.

In fact, Nie Lingxuan was a nice girl. She was kind, gentle, pretty, hardworking, and good at acting.

She was different from all the other performers in the entertainment circle…

But with his hot temper, Su Yu couldn’t find a topic to talk about with such a girl.

He liked the Huo Mian that he had he first met at South Side; she had bickered with him, startling him with unexpected words.

While he talked to a mild girl such as Nie Lingxuan, he just didn’t know what to say.

“Um… How are you doing in the U.S.? Do you like the food over there?” Su Yu tried to find something to say.

“Everything is fine. I’m happy that I can see Xixi; she often flies here to see me.”

“Good. Take your time with your studies; the company welcomes you whenever you decide to come back.”

“Su Yu…” This time, Nie Lingxuan called him Su Yu instead of President Su.


“I missed you.” Nie Lingxuan was bolder than before probably because she was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and was talking on the phone.

She just told Su Yu directly that she missed him.

Su Yu was feeling really awkward.

“Um… Take care of yourself in the U.S. It’s legal for people to possess guns there and every family has guns, so safety is a big issue. When you go out, you must take bodyguards and your agent with you. If you are short of money, tell me, and I’ll tell the company to transfer money to you.” Obviously, Su Yu was trying to change the topic.

“Su Yu, did you miss me? Even a little?” Refusing to admit defeat, Nie Lingxuan brought the topic back.

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