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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3426 - Young Master Tang Proposing 6

Chapter 3426 Young Master Tang Proposing 6

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“I…” Su Yu hesitated. He really didn’t know what Nie Lingxuan was talking about, but it seemed awkward and rude to admit that he couldn’t remember. After all, she called him all the way from the U.S.

However, Nie Lingxuan immediately understood what Su Yu’s silence meant.

“I understand. Sorry for disturbing you.” She hung up the phone, feeling slightly disappointed.

Su Yu’s phone rang again less than one minute later. He picked up, thinking that it was Nie Lingxuan calling back. Without thinking, he said, “You’re living a good life now, let the past be in the past.”

“What are you talking about? Yu, did you sleep with a girl and are now trying to get rid of her?” Tang Chuan’s voice sounded from the other end.

Su Yu realized that something was off. “F*ck, why didn’t you call me using your own cellphone?”

“Phone bills are expensive these days, I’m using the landline at my honey’s company.”

“I will never understand why Qin Ning is willing to put up with your freeloading,” Su Yu snorted.

“Ning-Ning said that only good-looking people can freeload. Yu, you can’t even if you wanted to.”

“F*ck off.”

They always swore at each other, even when they were on the phone.

“Are you at the company or at home?”

“You make it sound like these are the only two places I could ever be at.” Su Yu laughed.

“Where else would you go? South Side?”

“Are you screwing with me?” Su Yu wasn’t sure if he was angry or amused that Tang Chuan was teasing him again.

“Anyways, I’m going to change the subject now. I’m coming home, get ready to welcome me back.”

“Forget it, you’re constantly traveling back and forth, I would go bankrupt if I welcomed you each time.”

“Of course you won’t, you’re too rich to go bankrupt!”

“When are you coming home?” Su Yu leaned back on the couch; he always seemed to be in a good mood whenever he spoke with Tang Chuan.

“My flight’s tomorrow night.”

“That’s soon.”

“Why, don’t you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you to death…” Su Yu answered.

“Okay, then I won’t go back to the States again, just for you. I’m going to stay in China.”

“What about Qin Ning?”

“She’ll come back with me of course.”

“What about your in-law?” Su Yu asked curiously.

“He can’t let go of the company right now. Plus, he’s still young and wants to work a couple more years before he retires. Then, he’ll look for a manager. In a nutshell, no one, not even Qin Chu, wants to take over the business.”

“Qin Chu’s busy with his own stuff, of course he’s not in the mood to take over the company. Anyways, I’m glad you’re back. Are you planning to get married? Is that why you’re coming home?” Su Yu seemed to have realized something.

“Haha, once I come home, you guys have to help me plan a proposal. Ning-Ning doesn’t know about it yet, but as soon as she says yes, I want us to get registered.”

“So soon?” Su Yu asked with surprise.

“I feel like it’s not soon enough. I want to marry her right now.”

“Wait, is this a shotgun wedding? Qin Ning’s pregnant, isn’t she?” Su Yu wondered if that was why Tang Chuan was in such a hurry.

“Come on. Ning-Ning’s still young, we don’t want children just yet.”

“Okay then, come back and we’ll talk about it.”

“Perfect! Oh right, I heard my cousin-in-law’s baby sister’s back in China, how’s that going?”

“Not well,” Su Yu answered immediately.

“Haha, Ning-Ning gets jealous when Pudding and Little Bean video chats her and talks about Mian’s sister.”

“You’ll know why once you come home.” Su Yu didn’t want to go into details about Lu Yan.

- South Hill Manor -

After hanging out in the living room with the family for a bit, Huo Mian became a little drowsy and was about to head up to the bedroom when she received a WeChat message.

It was a private message sent to her by someone from her class group.

“Huo Mian, are you there? Can you let me know if you are? This is urgent.”

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