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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3427 - Young Master Tang Proposing 7

Chapter 3427 Young Master Tang Proposing 7

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“I am, what’s up?” After their last few encounters, Huo Mian was now unwilling to interact with her high school classmates. It seemed like everyone had changed; it just wasn’t the same anymore.

Aside from Zhu Lingling, one of her best friends, the only person she was still in contact with was Wei Dong. Wei Dong was still grateful to Huo Mian for helping him out; he knew Huo Mian wasn’t short of money, so he often brought her local specialties when he went out of town.

Wei Dong’s mother also knit scarves for the twins to show her gratitude towards Huo Mian’s family.

At the end of the day, those who knew to be grateful were good people. Huo Mian knew that although Wei Dong seemed like a playboy, he was still a good man at heart.

As for her friendship with Wei Dong, Qin Chu had neither encouraged nor discouraged it - he wanted Huo Mian to have absolute discretion.

“Wow, Goddess Huo, I didn’t think you’d reply so quickly,” Han Xu responded, feeling somewhat surprised.

“Mhm, I’m usually online in the evenings.”

“I’m getting married this weekend. You will be coming, right?”

“You’re getting married? That’s great, congratulations!” Huo Mian said out of courtesy.

“Goddess Huo, we’re classmates after all, so you have to come! I know some of our classmates say that you’re being pretentious by not hanging out with us because you married rich, but I don’t believe them! After all, you’re a friendly person, right?”

Han Xu’s remarks gave Huo Mian no choice but to attend his wedding. This was why she disliked him - Han Xu was very manipulative and good at making stuff up. He was the typical petty man.

Sure, it was normal for him to notify his classmates and give them a call notifying them of his upcoming nuptials. However, why did he have to tag Huo Mian in their class conversation? He was obviously giving her no room to refuse.

A while ago, Huo Mian had deleted herself from the classmate group, but Han Xu made a speech about how important their friendship was and added her back in. As a compromise, Huo Mian muted the notifications in this group chat… which meant that Han Xu tagged her on purpose.

“Sure, I’ll be there,” Huo Mian responded as she sneered in her head.

“That’s great! Oh right, don’t forget to bring a gift! I know you’re rich now, so you have to bring something nice for us poor people to fawn over!”

Han Xu shamelessly requested a wedding present from Huo Mian; his words suggested that she had to bring something expensive.

So here was the million-dollar question: why can’t guests give them red pocket money? Why presents?

Here was why…

After Han Xu’s remarks, one of his close friends in the group wrote in their chat, “You guys probably don’t know, but Han Xu’s fiancé is the daughter of the Deputy Director General of the Land and Property Tax Bureau. The wedding is being held at Athena Hotel and there’s going to be more than 1,000 guests! Oh, and they won’t accept red pocket money, just gold bars, so don’t embarrass yoursevesf on the day of!”

The mention of ‘gold bars’ annoyed a lot of people, but no one could say anything in the group chat.

Just as Huo Mian and everyone else was wondering how to respond, Zhu Lingling suddenly came online and asked, “Han Xu, you found yourself a great father-in-law… what’s your deal? Are you marrying into their family and becoming a live-in son-in-law? But you’re the only child, what about your parents?”

Her sharp words left everyone satisfied; even Huo Mian wanted to cheer her on.

“Haha, Lingling, you’re funny…” As angry as Han Xu was, he couldn’t say anything. After all, Zhu Lingling’s husband was the Director of the Municipal Bureau, he couldn’t afford to piss them off.

“Goddess Huo and Goddess Ling, remember to come this weekend!” Han Xu reiterated.

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