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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3428 - Young Master Tang Proposing 8

Chapter 3428 Young Master Tang Proposing 8

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“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be there!” Zhu Lingling was first to respond.

The other classmates who were close to Han Xu also responded. However, Wei Dong, who was usually one of the more active people in their class group, didn’t say anything. Instead, he messaged Huo Mian just as she was turning off her WeChat.

“Mian, don’t go. Han Xu is an asshole.”

“Haha.” Huo Mian laughed.

“He’s obviously trying to get an expensive gift out of you; why else would he mention gold bars? How shameless.”

“I know he’s doing this on purpose.”

“Don’t go, I won’t either. So what if he’s marrying the daughter of a rich politician? Who gives a f*ck?” Wei Dong swore angrily.

“But I’m confused, I thought Han Xu was dating another woman for the last few years. She was from here as well, no?”

“Yeah, that woman got abortions for him again and again, and he cast her aside as soon as he found someone richer.”


Huo Mian rarely spoke ill of others behind their backs, but Han Xu’s actions were unbearable.

After chit-chatting with Wei Dong, Huo Mian turned off her phone and walked upstairs. Ever since Qin Chu found out that she was pregnant, Mr. Qin had banned her from using her phone for too long… the reasoning had something to do with radiation.

Was he being too careful or what?

Lu Yan seemed to have come to her senses tonight and decided to sleep with the twins instead of her sister.

Qin Chu was extremely grateful that she finally left, and that he could sleep in the same bed as his wife again.

- Late that night -

The couple was chatting in bed.



“Today, in my office, did you purposely make Su Yu feel awkward?”

Qin Chu didn’t respond.

“Don’t be like that!” Huo Mian joked as she gently pinched Qin Chu’s cheek.

“It’s obvious that he bought those shoes for you.”

“He was just being nice.”

“Can’t I feel jealous?”

“I thought you don’t like to get jealous.” Huo Mian laughed.

“He needs to control himself! My wife is the one that’s pregnant right now, why would he buy you shoes? I was reminding him out of the kindness of my heart.”

“You’re right, you’re always right.”

In Huo Mian’s eyes, Qin Chu’s occasional stubbornness was extremely cute. After all, most of the time he was too calm and enduring.

They all say that the crying child gets candy.

Huo Mian was the only person who understood what Qin Chu had done for her over the last few years. That’s why she sympathized with him from the bottom of her heart.

Huo Mian wrapped her arms around Qin Chu’s neck like a koala bear. “Honey, who do you think saved Huo Siqian?”

“Lu Yan and I have been looking into this.” Qin Chu placed his hand on Huo Mian’s tummy, his expression filled with love.

“That’s weird, how is it even possible? I feel like he’s a tiger who was released into the wilderness,” Huo Mian muttered to herself.

“You’re right. It’s fine if it’s just Huo Siqian, but it would be really bad if Jack was the one who ran away.”

“It’s not like we can do anything about it. Even someone as skilled as Yan couldn’t stop them, whoever they are must be good.”

“Mhm, we only live in a small part of this world, there’s so much out there that we have no idea about. You know how special your father is, right?”

“I do. Although I’m not completely sure what Dad’s been researching all these years, the bad guys all seem to want it. I’m sure Ian’s not the only one chasing after him. Why else would he and Yan be on the run for all these years?”

“So, what do you think he’s been researching?” Qin Chu lovingly stroked Huo Mian’s head. He loved how serious and beautiful she looked when she was deep in thought.

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