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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3429 - Young Master Tang Proposing 9

Chapter 3429 Young Master Tang Proposing 9

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“I can even begin to imagine what his research is about. Biological weapons?” Huo Mian laughed.

“Did you think you were watching a movie? What is this, Resident Evil? I really have no comment on your imagination,” Qin Chu laughed as well.

“Oh right, I almost forgot. Remember how I left our class group? Han Xu pulled me back in but I never really talked to them. Our classmates have changed so much, honestly, Gao Ran’s class is much better.”

“So what do they want this time?”

“Han Xu said he’s getting married this weekend.”

“He’s only getting married now?” Qin Chu didn’t really know much about Han Xu. Aside from Huo Mian, the only person he remembered from their class was Zhu Lingling.


“Oh, then I should go. He obviously went through a lot to pull you back into the group chat. He wants red pocket money, no?”

“Mhm, but he said no money. He’ll only accept gold bars.”

“Ha, are you kidding?” Qin Chu rarely judged people, but Han Xu had obviously gone too far.

“I heard it’s his father-in-law’s request. Lingling told me that he’s supposedly the vice director of the property tax bureau.”

“If that’s all he is, he’s a little bold for requesting gifts like this. Isn’t he afraid he’ll get into trouble?”

“Maybe he’s confident he won’t.” Huo Mian shrugged.

“If you want to go, you should. It’s not a big deal.”

“Mhm, today he made it so that I couldn’t not go. What about you, Honey? Do you want to come with me?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. Every time we attend some events together, something happens. Plus, the company is keeping me busy, but you shouldn’t go by yourself.”

“I know, I’m going with Lingling.”

“No, I meant that you should take some bodyguards.” Qin Chu was constantly worried for Huo Mian’s safety.

“I know, but if Yan agrees to go with me, I’d rather not take any bodyguards. People may think I’m being pretentious, bringing personal security with me wherever I go. They might think I have issues.”

“Celebrities all have personal bodyguards.”

“But I’m not a celebrity.” Huo Mian laughed.

“You are a big one to me.” Qin Chu reached out and placed Huo Mian’s slightly-swollen hands onto his chest.

“Come on, no one’s here. What are you PDA-ing for?” Huo Mian felt a little embarrassed.

“I can’t help it, okay?” Qin Chu smiled gently as he embraced Huo Mian. He loved these peaceful and quiet days; his years without Huo Mian made every moment with her now filled with happiness.

“Honey, have you noticed that you’re sleeping better these days?”

“Actually I have. So, Dr. Huo, what medicine did you use on me?”

“Nothing much, I whipped something up on my own but it didn’t seem good enough, so I asked Yan to call Dad. My dad really is a medical genius, I’ve never even heard of the medicines he named.”

“Professor Lu is very good at what he does.”

“I’m just happy that you’re sleeping better,” Huo Mian said as he caressed Qin Chu’s handsome face with her hand.

Over in the other room, the twins were ecstatic that their aunt was spending the night with them.

“Auntie, why didn’t you save me today when Mommy was scolding me?” Little Bean pouted.

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