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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3437 - Young Master Tang Proposing 17

Chapter 3437 Young Master Tang Proposing 17

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“You have no right to bargain with me,” Nalo looked at Huo Mian calmly as he rejected her request in fluent English.

“Sis, I won’t go. How can I leave you behind?”

“Will you answer the questions? Or shall we die together here…”

Different from Ian, Nalo wasn’t afraid of Lu Yan’s death threat.

“I will.”

“Sis…” Lu Yan hadn’t had any interactions with Nalo for years and didn’t know his character.

If he was like Ian, then he must be an untrustworthy jerk who’d go back on his words without a qualm.

“Yan, this is our only option.”

“But we can’t trust Nalo,” Lu Yan said in a low voice.

“We must stall them until Mr. Qin comes to our rescue,” Huo Mian said in conviction.

Hearing her words, Lu Yan fell silent.

Huo Mian turned her head and looked at Nalo.

“Ask your questions. I’ll only answer three,” Huo Mian emphasized.

Nalo smiled faintly. “Where’s Huo?”

“Do you mean Huo Siqian?” Since Nalo only said “Huo”, Huo Mian spoke the full name just to be certain.

“Yeah.” Nalo nodded.

“I don’t know where he is.”

“Miss Huo, don’t play games with me. My people found that he was locked in a suburban prison in secret, but when we got there, he wasn’t there.”

Lu Yan exchanged a look with her sister, telling her silently not to tell Nalo that some black-clothed guys had rescued Huo Siqian.

Understanding her, Huo Mian answered, “A few days ago, my sister fought with him. He broke out by killing lots of the guards and escaped.”

“You’re lying. If he escaped, he would have contacted me.Please go and support our new domain! I can’t imagine who else he can turn to at this moment.” Nalo was piqued since Huo Mian’s words didn’t make any sense to him.

“I must remind you that this is the third question.” Huo Mian looked at Nalo.

She continued, “As for why he didn’t contact you, I can only guess that it’s because he escaped as Jack, not as Huo Siqian, so…”

“Jack is out?” Nalo looked surprised.

The evil side that Huo Siqian had tried to control with strong drugs had come out.

“I didn’t lie to you. That’s what happened.”

“I have one more question,” said Nalo.

“I promised I’d only answer three questions,” Huo Mian said.

Ignoring her words, Nalo asked in a heavy tone, “So, you’re sure he’s still alive?”

Nalo’s people took a long time to find out Huo Siqian had been secretly imprisoned by Qin Chu.

He had wanted to come and rescue Huo Siqian long ago but was delayed by Ian.

The brothers were not close but were not enemies either.

But this time, Nalo had turned against his brother because of Huo Siqian. He thought Huo Siqian went to the extreme because Ian had forced him to hand over Huo Mian.

Before Huo Mian could reply, a race car stopped at the door of the wonton shop with a screech.

Nalo’s people turned around warily and aimed their guns at the newcomer.

Dressed in a long black windbreaker, the man raced into the shop in the dark night.

He dashed into the room and pulled Huo Mian into his arms.

“Honey…” Smelling the familiar scent, Huo Mian relaxed instantly.

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