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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3439 - Young Master Tang Proposing 19

Chapter 3439 Young Master Tang Proposing 19

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Despite the tense atmosphere, Nalo answered the video call from the strange number.

His face changed instantly when he saw the familiar face.

“Dad… Help me! Help us.”

A small German boy of about 6 years screamed in tears in German, his hands and feet bound.

Beside him was the boy’s mother who was tightly bound, and her mouth was sealed with tape.

His family was kidnapped.

Someone dared to kidnap his family, so Nalo couldn’t remain calm anymore.

Then, the image changed to a silver-haired man sitting on a bright red Russian-style chair.

Wearing a deep blue military uniform and black military boots, he lounged on the chair while playing with a small black remote control.

“Qiao…Fei.” Nalo was surprised when he saw the man on the screen.

“Hello, Nalo. Long time no see.” Qiao Fei looked up and his lips curled up coldly.

“Yeah. Long time… no see, indeed.”

“So, to celebrate our meeting again, you went to harass my wife?” Qiao Fei asked.

Hearing Qiao Fei’s voice, Lu Yan had a lump in her throat.

“Psycho Qiao,” she murmured to herself.

“So you kidnapped my family?” Nalo’s smile looked weird.

“Yeah, just to return the favor… You don’t have much time left since the new bomb my wife made is very interesting and only gives you 60 seconds. Even the best bomb squad wouldn’t have time to dismantle it… Your son is cute even though he was born by a surrogate mother. Still, he’s your son and I heard you love him very much.”

“Qiao Fei, I’m angry that you would do this to me.”

Nalo hadn’t expected that Qiao Fei, who was now in Russia, even had subordinates in Germany. Please go and support our new domain!They had kidnapped his woman and son from a heavily guarded house without his knowledge.

He didn’t care about the woman who had no intimate relationship with him anyway.

But the child was his only son even though he was born from the surrogate mother.

In the past six years, he had formed a strong bond with the boy.

“So, I have no choice, right?” Nalo inhaled deeply and said slowly.

“Pal, you only have 25 seconds now…”

Playing with the small remote control, Qiao Fei glanced at his watch.

“Daddy… I don’t want to die… Help me.”

The little boy seemed to know what he was facing and begged Nalo in tears.

“Fine. I’ll let them go.” Finally, Nalo raised his hands and gave in to Qiao Fei.

To tell the truth, he hadn’t planned to kill Lu Yan and Huo Mian even if Qiao Fei didn’t intervene.

He came here just to find out Huo Siqian’s whereabouts.

But Qin Chu and Qiao Fei went all out to protect their women.

“Tell your men to put down their guns and get out of there! If you scare my wife, I might touch the button and detonate the bomb before the 20 seconds is up.”

“Put down the guns. Let’s go,” said Nalo.

“Mr. Nalo…”

His subordinates looked reluctant.

“Shut up. Move.”

That said, Nalo walked out of the shop before the others.

Seeing them walk out of the door, Qiao Fei smiled.

“Qiao Fei, release my son.” Yeah, Nalo only cared about the boy.

“I’ll release him after you leave C City. Don’t play games with me, or I’ll detonate the bomb.”

Then, Qiao Fei cut off the connection.

With a dark expression, Nalo drove away from the wonton shop with his men.

“Were you scared?” Qin Chu held Huo Mian and asked worriedly.

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