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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3444 - Young Master Tang Proposing 24

Chapter 3444 - Young Master Tang Proposing 24

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“Where’s Yan?” Huo Mian hadn’t seen Lu Yan for a while.

“Auntie! Auntie! Come here,” Little Bean stood on a chair and yelled excitedly.

“What’s up, my little baby…” Lu Yan answered dotingly.

She stood up, still playing the game on her cellphone.

“Yan, come here. I’ll introduce my friends to you.” Huo Mian beckoned at her gently.

“Sis, it’s not necessary.”

“Auntie, my mom just wants to show off her good friends.”

“Sis, I know your friends.”

Then Lu Yan said everyone’s name one by one.

“Sis, is she your younger sister? I don’t remember us having such a relative in our family.”

Zhixin had spoken little during the party, but now he looked at Huo Mian curiously.

“She’s…” Huo Mian didn’t know how to explain.

“We only met when you were studying abroad, so it’s natural that you don’t know me. Besides, I always stay abroad and rarely come back,” Lu Yan thought quickly and replied.

“Oh, I see. Does our mom know about her?”

Zhixin was puzzled. If Lu Yan was their relative, then she must go and visit their mother, too.

“I just came back. Sis has been busy, and we plan to visit Aunt Yang during the weekend.” The Auntie Yang that Lu Yan mentioned was Zhixin and Huo Mian’s mother, or more accurately, Huo Mian’s adoptive mother.

“Mom would be thrilled when she knows it.” Zhixin believed Lu Yan’s words.

Tang Chuan looked at the young girl and found she was indeed beautiful, but her eyes looked quite sharp and domineering.

“You’re Mian’s younger sister, so you’re my sister, too. Just enjoy yourself in C City and our Mr. Su will pay for everything for you.”

“Damn it. Why drag me into it…” Su Yu felt like he was an innocent victim.

“Because you are the richest guy among us. After all, you are the God-like rich guy,” Tang Chuan said shamelessly.

“Su Yu has received me with great hospitality and asked An to show me around the place for a couple of days. Now it’s your turn. I heard this place belongs to you, right? Can I have anything I like here?”

“Of course.” Tang Chuan grinned generously.

“Then take out the 1958′ red wine locked in the safe in your office. Red wine is my favorite.”

“Um…” Tang Chuan was stunned.

He had planned to share it with his friends on his wedding day with Qin Ning.

It cost him more than 30 million yuan when he bought it at an auction in France.

“That’s a secret; how do you know about it?” Tang Chuan felt puzzled since he had told no one about the wine except for Su Yu and Wei Liao.

“I told Yan.” Huo Mian hurried to help Lu Yan.

“That’s strange. How do you know about it, Sister-in-Law?” Tang Chuan was bewildered.

“I told Dr. Huo.” Hurriedly, Su Yu helped Huo Mian.

“Mr. Su, you have a big mouth…” Tang Chuan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh.

“You’re reluctant to let me drink it?” Lu Yan teased him.

“Of course not. I’ll get someone to fetch it.” Cornered, Tang Chuan would look like a miser if he didn’t take it out.

But the tides turned around.

“Mr. Tang, you’re a true friend. Forget it, I was just kidding. This wine is precious, and you must save it for your wedding. Okay, you guys continue with your happy party while I go down and get some fresh air.”

“Yan, don’t get into a fight. Be careful,” Huo Mian loved her sister and instructed her like a mother.

“Got it, Sis.”

Lu Yan didn’t like such occasions since she didn’t have friends and thus didn’t know how to handle such a situation. Not caring to have small talks with them, she decided to come out.

“Lu Yan, I’ll go with you. Didn’t you say you like roasted sweet potatoes? I know where we can buy them.” Immediately, An followed Yan out of the compartment.

“An, do you like me?” Yan turned serious and looked back at An with unreadable eyes.

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