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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3446 - Young Master Tang Proposing 26

Chapter 3446 - Young Master Tang Proposing 26

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“Psycho… Qiao…” Lu Yan tried to speak, but he didn’t give her the chance and pressed her down to the seat.

The kiss lasted a full three minutes…

Lu Yan was almost out of breath when Qiao Fei finally eased up.

She sat up and pinched Qiao Fei’s face.

“What are you doing?”

“Just seeing if you’re an imposter.”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“I thought you were in Russia.”

“I was.”

“How did you come here?” Lu Yan was puzzled.

“By plane.”

“Bullsh*t. I know you didn’t walk here; it would take you more than a year to walk here.”

Qiao Fei: “…”

“Didn’t I tell you we can’t meet each other at a special time like this? In the eyes of outsiders, I broke up with you and we are enemies.”

“But I wanted to see you,” Qiao Fei said calmly.

Lu Yan was pink in the face but felt sweet inside.

“But if Qiao Nan finds out, all our efforts would be in vain.”

“He’s not in Russia. He’s in Thailand.”

“That traitor Amy…”

“I fed her some sleeping pills so she won’t wake up until tomorrow noon. By that time, I’ll have returned to Russia.”

“Damn it. You just flew all the way here to see me?” Lu Yan thought Qiao Fei was making a big fuss about nothing.

If he didn’t have a private plane, he’d not be able to fly to China and then back to Russia in one night.

“Why do you think I did this?”

“Because you are mentally diseased and want to torture yourself…” Lu Yan continued to diss him.

“It seems I need to kiss you again to convince you…”

“Hey. Don’t. Please don’t. You’ll steal the oxygen from me, Bro…”

Lu Yan was afraid Qiao Fei would truly do it in the car on the side of the road.

Her subordinates waiting outside the car would laugh at them.

“This is for you.” Qiao Fei’s tone was cool, but the things he did were extremely heart-warming.

He pushed a bouquet of bright red roses into Lu Yan’s hands.

“Um… What the heck is this?”

“Isn’t today Chinese Valentine’s Day?”

“You’re so unimaginative, gifting me this. I despise you.” Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.

“I’ve got something even more unimaginative. Do you want to see it?”

Lu Yan: “…”

Qiao Fei had a Chanel lipstick in his palm.

“This is for you.”

“Lipstick? You, a grown-azz man, went and bought lipstick?”

“I had people investigate it for me and they said most of the guys buy this for their girlfriends.”

Lu Yan: “…”

Before she could speak, Qiao Fei pushed a red packet into her hand.

“What the heck is this?”

“They said today guys would transfer money or send red pckets of cash on WeChat to their girlfriends. But you know I don’t have social media, so I packed some cash in the red packet.”

“This is…?” Lu Yan looked down at the red pocket in a daze.

“13,140 yuan,” Qiao Fei said calmly. (Note: in Chinese, the number 13140 sounds like “Forever with you.)

“My goodness. You’re indeed unimaginative. Psycho Qiao, I despise you…”

Lu Yan had never celebrated the western Valentine’s Day before, not to mention the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

She was stunned by Qiao Fei’s behavior today.

“I know it’s unimaginative, but I heard there’s a grand end to this routine,” said Qiao Fei.

“What’s that?”

“It’s said the girl would go to the hotel with the boy to show her appreciation for the gifts.”

Qiao Fei looked at her and said with a straight face.

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