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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3447 - Young Master Tang Proposing 27

Chapter 3447 - Young Master Tang Proposing 27

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“Damned your hotel room. Get out.”

Cursing was Lu Yan’s way of dealing with things.

Would she play cute and adorable to win men’s hearts?

No, she would never do those things.

She only knew to kill, fight, make bombs, and count money.

Everyone had one’s own goals in life; maybe Lu Yan would be like this for the rest of her life.

“Fine. Now let’s settle the accounts.”

“What accounts?” Lu Yan was confused.

“You promised me that we only pretended to break up and that you’d only return to see Sister Mian.”

“Right. I did just that.”

“The very day you returned to China you went out with Su Yu’s bodyguard.”

“Damn it, he’s just my guide. Don’t let your imagination run wild.”

“Then you played all the way from the arcade to the bar. You even had a drinking contest with a moron?”

“Even you said he’s a moron. I won 10 million yuan from him.” Lu Yan was smug.

“You had breakfast at Su Yu’s home?” Qiao Fei frowned slightly.

“Ahem… I didn’t go alone. Pudding and Little Bean went with me and Su Yu’s girlfriend cooked breakfast for us. There’s nothing between me and Su Yu.”

“Then why did he bring so many cars to get you out of the hospital?”

“It was Pudding and Little Bean’s idea. They made Su Yu do that.”

“You even pass the buck to two kids? Lu Yan, I’m disappointed in you…” Qiao Fei lamented.

“Damn it, I didn’t pass the buck to them. I told you the truth. Do you want a fistfight with me?”

“Shut up. I’m not finished yet. Then you had a barbecue and befriended a scoundrel?”

“I tricked him into paying the bills for everyone. Then that moron tried to kidnap me but got killed by me. Haha.”

“Then you went shopping, and Su Yu’s bodyguard came to pick you up and have hotpot together, right?” Qiao Fei leaned toward Lu Yan, their bodies almost touching.

“I… I… didn’t get to eat in the end, right? You interrupted us.”

“So, I interrupted your date?”

“No, no, no. You came just in time. I planned to eat alone and let An watch me eat.”

“Don’t lie to me. Lu Yan, you’re untrustworthy. You came up with a damned plan and tricked me to leave you so you could come back to China and date other guys.”

“Damn it. Psycho Qiao, that’s slander.”

“But I just stated the facts.”

“I explained it all. You don’t believe me?”


“How can I make you believe me?” Lu Yan was exasperated.

“I’ll believe you if you kiss me in front of your subordinates.”

“F*ck off. That’s impossible.”

“Fine…” Qiao Fei opened the door to get out of the car.

To tell the truth, Lu Yan didn’t want Qiao Fei to leave.

She had missed him during the long separation. The guy went crazy and flew from Moscow but was about to leave after staying here for less than half an hour. Lu Yan was reluctant to see him leave so soon.

“Hey! Psycho Qiao, where are you going?”

“Since you don’t want to see me, I’ll leave. You can continue enjoying your time here with other guys.”

“Don’t… Don’t go. We can at least have a meal before you go.”

Lu Yan stammered out the awkward excuse.

“No, I have no appetite. I came all the way here to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day with you and brought you gifts, but it seems you don’t appreciate my efforts.”

“No, I do appreciate your efforts.” Lu Yan followed him out of the car with the flowers in her arms.

From the distance, they looked like a young couple who were having a lovers’ fight.

“If you really do, you must kiss me in front of everyone,” Qiao Fei demanded calmly.

“Damn it… You are becoming more and more demanding. You just couldn’t get your needs satisfied in Moscow?” Lu Yan didn’t know whether she should cry or laugh.

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