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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3454 - Lu Yan's Trick 4

Chapter 3454 - Lu Yan's Trick 4

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“okay. have you learned your lesson?”

“yeah. i have.” tang chuan immediately nodded.

“yan… talk to him. he truly wants to ask a favor from you.”

then, huo mian left them.

“hey! sis, i got…” lu yan wanted to show off the gifts qiao fei gave her to her sister, but she was stopped by tang chuan.

“dear sister, i truly need you to do me a favor.”

“are we close friends?”

“no, but none of these guys could come up with a good idea for me, so i need your help. pudding and little bean told me that their auntie is very smart. my ning is vivacious too, so i’m sure she’ll like your idea.”

“idea about what?” lu yan glanced disdainfully at tang chuan, who reeked of alcohol.

“i plan to give ning a unique marriage proposal, so she’ll remember it for the rest of her life.”

“then do it,” lu yan said.

“but the usual ways of proposals are all old-fashioned, such as singing a love song, playing the piano, or setting up some rose-shaped candles. nothing original.”

“you want something original?” lu yan asked.

“yeah. something special and impressive.”

“do you like something thrilling?”

“thrilling is good. haha! we like thrills… we can do that.”

“well, i do have a good idea.” lu yan bit on her lip and smiled slyly.

“what is it?”

lu yan pulled an to one side and whispered her idea to him.

“okay, you tell him. i don’t want to talk to drunk men.”

lu yan left to see huo mian.

“um… this idea is…” an looked pained.

“an, what did the girl tell you? come on and tell me…”

deeply curious, tang chuan grabbed an’s collar and wouldn’t let go.

“this plan is indeed thrilling. mr. tang, are you sure you want to hear it?”

“of course. i want a thrilling plan… tell me now.”

tang chuan had asked the others to help him with ideas, but none of them could give him a satisfactory one.

even the smart huo mian only came up with the mundane idea of waking qin ning up in the middle of the night and giving her a surprise.

tang chuan thought it wasn’t thrilling enough, so the twins suggested that he should go and ask lu yan for help.

the twins thought their auntie was full of surprising ideas.

after all, she had a unique personality, so they were sure her ideas would be unique too.

sure enough, lu yan didn’t let them down and gave him an idea without consideration.

an’s heart throbbed in fear at this idea…

“my goodness. mr. an, can you spill it? i must get prepared now; ning will be back soon.”

“lu yan said… um… you can pretend to be killed in a car crash…”

“what kind of stupid idea is this?! ni yang used this trick before. he pretended to be dead and then woke up in the hospital and popped the question on the spot.”

tang chuan was disappointed.

“no, no. lu yan said you can pretend to be dead and stand up at your funeral three days later and pop the question.”

“damn it… coming out from the coffin? it’s not a marriage proposal; my ning would die of fright… what damned idea is that?”

tang chuan felt his scalp tingle when he heard this idea. in the whole world, only lu yan would come up with such an idea.

sitting on the sofa in one corner, zeng rou looked at su yu drunkenly with a bottle of beer in her hand.

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