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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3455 - Lu Yan's Trick 5

Chapter 3455 - Lu Yan's Trick 5

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“we’re acting. don’t take it seriously,” su yu said indifferently.

“but… even though we’re acting, please make it look real, okay?”

“forget it. don’t pour your heart into it, or we might think it’s real…” su yu was a bit embarrassed.

“do you think i will fall in love with you? don’t flatter yourself.” zeng rou smirked.

“no. i’m afraid i’d fall in love with you, okay? fine, i’ll give you a red pocket. you can buy whatever you like.”

su yu took out his cellphone and transferred 10,000 yuan to zeng rou on wechat.

the money was enough to buy many roses, but it was meaningless since he didn’t show any thoughts in it.

zeng rou thought sadly that su yu would never do this to huo mian.

she refused the transfer.

“huh? what do you mean?” su yu was puzzled when he saw the refusal.

“um… i was just kidding with you. don’t take it to heart. i’m living in your house and eating your food, how can i take money from you?”

“it’s not the same.” su yu glanced at zeng rou and was puzzled at her quick change in expression.

“anyway, i don’t want money. i have money.”

like su yu, zeng rou had never had a shortage of money in her life, so when su yu transferred money to her, she was a little disappointed.

but she understood that su yu didn’t love her and wouldn’t take the time to choose gifts for her.

wei ying was one of the few who wasn’t tipsy. she hadn’t wanted to come, but wei liao forbade her from going out and having a party with her single friends.

so, jiang xiaowei dragged her to this party. although she was familiar with these people, she couldn’t become one of them.

she was also embarrassed since everyone knew about her awkward past.

she felt bored while the others drank, sang, and played finger-guessing games in small groups.

she stood up to stand behind wei yunchu and watch the kids play the game ‘who is the spy’.

the game had simple rules. there were four phases and each player memorized their own phrase before describing it with all the words they could think of.

then they voted to decide who was the spy.

“auntie.” wei yunchu looked back and glanced at wei ying.

“how is the game going? did you win?” wei ying touched her nephew’s head lovingly.

“yeah. i won several rounds now.”

“indeed? you’re awesome. then who lost?” wei ying was curious.

“gao boyuan,” the other three kids answered together.

“haha! boyuan lost again.” wei ying laughed.

“aunt wei ying, they bullied me… i’m the youngest.”

“bullsh*t. don’t find excuses. i told you not to eat too much sweet stuff. now your brain is clogged. in the first round, your loss was quite embarrassing… you said you’d describe your phrase first and said it was an animal. obviously, we’d vote for you since the three of us were all cinderella and you were the ugly duckling,” little bean said in disgust.

“but i was indeed an animal, the ugly duckling.” gao boyuan still thought he wasn’t wrong.

“couldn’t you just say subtly that you were a character in a fable? you just damned had to expose yourself in the first round?” little bean lectured him painstakingly.

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