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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3456 - Lu Yan's Trick 6

Chapter 3456 - Lu Yan's Trick 6

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“damn it. do you dare to compare with me? don’t you know your iq? i was born with an iq as high as my sister’s. even though i eat lots of sweet stuff, i won’t be as stupid as you.”

“even though i’m stupid, you still want to play with me,” gao boyuan retorted.

“hey! you dare to talk back to me… gao boyuan, you’re really bold.”

watching them bicker with each other, wei ying felt warm inside.

she had known shen mingxi when she was little, and they had played hide-and-seek together.

but unlike gao boyuan, shen mingxi spoke little and was not so lively when he was little.

“auntie, this is for you.”

wei yunchu turned around and handed her a bouquet of roses.

“whoa. what are you doing?” wei ying laughed.

“everyone has received flowers today except for you. don’t you feel bad?”

“no. i’m now invincible. haha…” after her divorce, wei ying hadn’t had any boyfriends. she had filled her life with classes, including tea ceremony and yoga, etc.

she didn’t feel bored with her life.

“take it. i bought a lot. i gave pudding a bouquet and this is for you from your loving nephew.”

“our yunchu is such a thoughtful boy, but i don’t need it. they are just roses… i won’t die without it. now go on with your game; i’ll go and use the washroom.”

wei ying stood up.

“yunchu, is your auntie still single?”

“yeah. my grandpa always lectures her about it, but she just doesn’t listen.”

“i think she’s still in love with her ex-husband,” pudding guessed.

“i think so, too. but my dad would never allow my auntie to have anything to do with the shen family.”


“who knows what the adults are thinking. it’s complicated… and i don’t care.”

wei yunchu didn’t want to dig into the affair about his auntie.

the kids continued their game.

when wei ying came out of the washroom, she saw the door of the compartment open a crack.

“miss wei ying.”

“what’s up?” she looked at the waiter at the door curiously.

“can you come out for a minute? i have something for you.”

“for me?”

wei ying was puzzled. seeing no one was looking her way, she opened the door and walked out.

the waiter handed her a bouquet that felt like it contained 99 roses.

the roses were wrapped in the latest fashion of black gauze; they looked beautiful, noble, and mysterious.

“um…” wei ying was at a loss for words.

“a gentleman in the neighboring 818 room asked me to give this to you.”

“who is he?”

“the gentleman asked me not to tell you his name. he just asked me to deliver this to miss wei ying in this room.”

the waiters here were very professional and knew all the regulars.

wei ying often came here with her friends, so the waiter knew her and called her out in private.

“is the gentleman still in the compartment?”

“i think he’s still there.”

“oh. i’ll go and see him.”

wei ying almost couldn’t wait; she seemed to know who the gentleman was but was afraid she was wrong.

with a racing heart, she barged into room 818 with the roses in her hands.

the men and women in the room froze when they saw wei ying, and then they greeted her warmly, “ying, you’re here, too. come and join us.”

some of wei ying’s friends came to her immediately when they saw her.

“can i ask who had the flowers delivered to me?” wei ying glanced around and didn’t see the man she wanted to see; she sounded a bit disappointed.

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