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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3459 - Lu Yan's Trick 9

Chapter 3459 - Lu Yan's Trick 9

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“we’re…” shen mngxi looked as if he wanted to explain.

“mingxi, let’s eat while they are hot.”


after wei ying interrupted him, he didn’t continue.

wei ying had thought shen mingxi wouldn’t give her any gifts today, but to her surprise, he gave her a gift and a rose at this late hour. wei ying felt happy and content even though their relationship was still at a low point.

“are you still… in touch with huo yanyan?” after a moment of consideration, wei ying asked.

“yes. i visit her regularly at the psychiatric center and bring her tiantian’s photos from singapore.”

“how is she emotionally?”

“not very good. she curses and hurts people. the doctors said that they use sedatives on her occasionally.”

“it seems she has completely collapsed emotionally.”

“yeah. after all, she had gone through a lot… and she just can’t let things go.”

“how about you, mingxi? are you really going to take care of tiantian for all her life? will she be grateful to you?”

wei ying felt huo yanyan’s daughter had a defective character.

tiantian wasn’t as good to talk to as other kids, being full of hostility to everyone.

wei ying’s thoughts were not ungrounded.

she had helped find school and housemaids for tiantian as the kid studied abroad.

one of wei ying’s besties had gone to singapore since high school and would come back to china each holiday.

now the girl was a high-level executive in a well-known company in singapore.

she had helped wei ying make the arrangements for tiantian since wei ying had asked her to take care of tiantian who was studying there alone.

however, wei ying’s bestie had stopped visiting tiantian after a few times, saying the kid had a bad character; even the housemaids couldn’t put up with her and the current one was the seventh housemaid she had.

tiantian found fault with each of the housemaids, from filipinos to indians to taiwanese.

besides, instead of studying, she was quite extravagant in spending money.

once she spent one million yuan with shen mingxi’s credit card and didn’t tell him what she had bought.

wei ying’s bestie told wei ying to persuade shen mingxi to wash his hands off the kid.

but wei ying knew it was impossible.

“tiantian has no one to turn to; she only has me now.” shen mingxi poured some vinegar into his plate and sighed.

“but i think giving her lots of money is not a good way to show your kindness. the key is teaching her to be a good person. kids are simple-minded and don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, so the adults must teach them. my brother’s son yunchu is a thoughtful kid and almost everyone, including my parents and sister huo mian’s twins, likes him.”

“i know what you mean, ying. but it takes time. right now, tiantian is resentful towards me and doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“maybe it’s better to bring her back?”

“forget it. it might not be a good thing to bring her back. my mother has always disliked her… i think it’s better for her to stay abroad.”

whenever he thought of these things, shen mingxi felt torn.

no one had noticed that wei ying had slipped out to see shen mingxi.

meanwhile, lu yan held huo mian’s neck to show off her loot.

“sis, i’ll tell you a secret.”

“what is it?” huo mian looked at her in puzzlement.

“qiao fei came to see me tonight.”

“where is he?”

“he’s gone.”

“gone?” huo mian froze.

“yeah. he stayed here for only five hours.”

“um… that’s willful of him.”

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