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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3460 - Lu Yan's Trick 10

Chapter 3460 - Lu Yan's Trick 10

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“um, right. what else?”


“yeah, there’s more.”

“clothes? a handbag?” huo mian guessed.

“yeah, those too. but i’m sure you won’t guess the most important one. haha.”

“what if i can guess it?” huo mian wanted to wipe the smug smile from her sister’s face.

“this is indeed difficult to guess. if your guess is right, i’ll give you one million.”

“so much money?” huo mian thought it was unthinkable to set a bet of one million yuan.

“what are you afraid of? your husband is super rich, right?” lu yan thought it was a certain win for her.

“humph. you sound as if i will lose.” huo mian obviously didn’t want to admit defeat.

“since you’re my sister, i’ll give you three chances to guess. if you miss all three guesses, you must give me one million yuan.”

“fine. i’ll try.”

huo mian liked playing along with lu yan. seeing lu yan was in a great mood, she humored her and agreed to the bet.

“a pistol?” huo mian thought yan would need such things.

it was said good guns were quite expensive, so she guessed the gift was a weapon.

“no. you’re wrong, wrong, wrong! haha! this is your first chance; two to go.”

lu yan extended two fingers, feeling very proud.

“not a gun? well… let me think. a bomb?”

huo mian knew lu yan, a genius bomb expert, was obsessed with bombs like a panda obsessed with bamboo.

“no, no. hahaha! this is your second guess. sis… you’re finished.”

lu yan almost saw the victory on the horizon and she would soon win one million.

with two guesses wrong, huo mian lowered her head and began to think.

one minute later…

“are you done thinking? we don’t have the whole night. heihei… come on…” lu yan urged her.

“is it a set of body armor?”

“fuck… fuck…” lu yan was astonished.

“is it right or not?”

“how did you guess it? sis, did you call qiao fei and talk to him?” lu yan was stunned.

“nonsense. i don’t even know that fellow’s phone number.”

“then… how did you guess it?” lu yan looked doubtful.

“it’s simple. i used deduction. seeing how happy you are, i know it’s something you like… my first two guesses of a gun and a bomb missed the target; on second thought, i realized that qiao fei couldn’t possibly pass customs if he brought dangerous weapons with him. so i guess it must be something easy to carry. i heard the russian military factories are very good at producing all kinds of military weapons. the thing that’s most useful to a girl like you would be body armor.”

“i was totally defeated…” lu yan cupped her hands.

when her sister calmed down and thought, her genius mind was extraordinary.

all her deductions were right.

“little girl, now hand over the money. i want cash.” huo mian extended her hand to tease lu yan.

“pu… dr. huo, are you crazy? do you know how heavy one million yuan is in cash?”

“it’s fine. we have four people in the family; we can manage…”

“hahaha! you are pulling my leg…”

“i’m not. tell me who insisted on betting with me for one million yuan?”

“fine, fine. i transfer the money to you this very minute. tonight… is a money squandering night.” lu yan turned on her watch and transferred the money swiftly.

then an walked up to them from behind.

“lu yan, our president su is a bit drunk; i’ll drive him back home. he has a shareholders’ meeting tomorrow.”

“i’ll go with you to get the car. my brother-in-law isn’t fit to drive, either. let’s go.”

lu yan and an took the elevator to the parking lot on the second floor in the basement to drive their cars out to the gate.

an got close to su yu’s black lamborghini and was about to dig out the car key when lu yan yelled suddenly, “watch out!”

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