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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3461 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 1

Chapter 3461 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 1

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about five guys wearing masks and caps appeared in the parking lot.

each of them looked fierce as they brandished machetes in their hands.

bent on the task of driving the car out, an didn’t expect people would ambush him here.

however, lu yan faced death each day and could sense the danger in the parking lot instinctively.

she was alert and spotted the guys who almost hurt an with their machetes.

fortunately, they were both fighters and began fighting with the attackers.

during all the commotion, no security guards came to investigate, which meant that these attackers had tampered with the surveillance cameras. they had planned the attack.

an knocked down one attacker with a few punches.

these guys obviously didn’t know kungfu and were easy to subdue.

lu yan was more vicious and broke these guys’ bones.

in less than three minutes, the guys wearing masks and caps were all knocked down.

“tell me who you are.” an squatted down and grabbed one guy’s collar.


the guy turned his head away and ignored an.

“if you don’t speak, i’ll slap you…” an seemed to be quite angry.

“get up. let me do it.”

lu yan couldn’t bear an’s way of interrogation.

she dragged an to one side, squatted down and stabbed her dagger into the man’s thigh.


the guy screamed at the sudden pain.

“from now on, answer my question within three seconds, or i’ll stab you again.”

lu yan glanced at the men and asked, “who are you?”

when the guy hesitated as to how to answer the question, the time limit passed and lu yan stabbed him close to the kneecap.

this time, the pain was sharper.

“who’s your target?”

after asking the question, lu yan lifted her dagger before three seconds were up.

scared, the guy answered immediately, “our target is su yu.”

“su yu?” lu yan was surprised.

“why do you want to kill young master su?” an was puzzled.

mr. su had a good reputation in the business circle; despite his quick temper, he never bullied others or did unscrupulous things to gain financial interests. why did these guys want to kill president su?

“why do you want to kill su yu?” lu yan asked again.

this time, the guy learned his lesson and answered immediately, “we’re miss nie’s hard-core fans. miss nie has always loved su yu, but that scumbag dumped her after he got tired of her. he even brought another woman into his home. he deserves to die.”

“miss nie?” lu yan was confused.

but an understood instantly.

“are you guys nie lingxuan’s fans?”

“yeah. we’ve been her fans for years. she’s low-key and has had no scandals. su yu deserves to die after ruining such a good girl.”

“bullsh*t. there’s nothing between president su and miss nie.”

“impossible. the papers have reported their relationship. if not for su yu, miss nie wouldn’t have gone abroad.”

“you’re morons for trying to kill president su without knowing the truth,” an railed against them in fury.

“so su yu got in trouble due to his love affairs?” lu yan put away her dagger and stood up slowly.

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