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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3462 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 2

Chapter 3462 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 2

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“No. Don’t listen to the bullsh*t of these fanatic fans…”

“What do we do now? Kill them all?” Lu Yan glanced at the guys indifferently.

An looked at Lu Yan incredulously.

“What did you say? Kill them all?”

“Do you want to save them for New Year’s Eve?” Lu Yan thought killing them was the easiest way to solve the problem.

“Sis, they are humans not animals. Even if they were homeless dogs or cats, you can’t kill them, right?”

“Fine. You let them go and they’ll come back to kill Su Yu again after they recover.”

That said, Lu Yan turned toward Qin Chu and Huo Mian’s car.

“Hey! Lu Yan…” An wanted to explain, but Lu Yan didn’t give him the opportunity.

“Now get out of here and never come back again. I’m telling you, President Su has nothing to do with Miss Nie. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your goddess Miss Nie. Don’t come and make trouble for President Su, or I’ll show no mercy on you.”

The guys lowered their heads and held their injuries in silence.

“What are you waiting for?” An roared.

“We… can’t move…”

An: “…”

“That woman broke our bones… Will we die? My goodness…”

An: “…”

“Please call 120 for us. I’m bleeding…”

An: “…”

“You guys are really something else…”

An felt these bandits were really shameless to ask him to call 120 for them after attacking him and getting injured.

When An picked up his cellphone to call the ambulance, Lu Yan swooshed past him in Qin Chu’s car.

He knew Lu Yan was pissed.

An glanced at the guys who got their bones broken and found Lu Yan had broken their bones with only one move.

It seemed she was not only a good fighter but an expert in human anatomy, which convinced him that Lu Yan was not an ordinary rich woman.

- Inside Su Yu’s house -

Since Zeng Rou’s leg was not fully recovered yet, Su Yu helped her to the door of her bedroom.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Zeng Rou said.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?”

“I’m hungry. Can you cook?” Zeng Rou asked.

“Um… Wait a minute. I’ll go get An to make noodles for you.” Su Yu turned to leave, but Zeng Rou threw her arms around him from behind.

“What are you doing? Stop it…” Su Yu felt a bit awkward.

“Su Yu, can you stop liking Huo Mian? It’s fruitless… You’re a good guy and deserve a woman that belongs to you alone… You can’t crave for another guy’s woman.”

“Zeng Rou, you’re drunk.”

Su Yu’s face turned dark at Zeng Rou’s words. He admitted that he loved Huo Mian, but he didn’t try to steal her from Qin Chu, so Zeng Rou’s words made him uncomfortable.

“If I didn’t go tonight, you’d feel even more embarrassed, right? Among them, you’re the only single guy. You’d die of embarrassment.”

“Of course not. An was with me.” Su Yu tried to joke.

He tried to remove Zeng Rou’s hands around him, feeling uncomfortable being so close to her.

“Su Yu, are you still a man? How long is it that you’ve been without a woman? Don’t you want to do it?”

Zeng Rou was furious at the humiliation and held Su Yu tighter.

She leaned toward him slowly to kiss the sensitive skin on the back of his neck.

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