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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3463 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 3

Chapter 3463 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 3

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But before she could touch his skin, Su Yu turned around and pushed her away forcefully.

Caught off guard by the forceful push, Zeng Rou dropped to the floor.

“Zeng Rou, you’re taking the acting too seriously.”

“Yes. I’m serious. I truly love you. Okay?” Zeng Rou’s eyes brimmed up with frustration.

“Didn’t we agree that we’re only helping each other?”

“But I can’t control myself. You know Dr. Huo’s married, but you still love her, right?”

“Don’t drag Mian into our business.”

Su Yu didn’t like people bringing Huo Mian’s name into conversations with him since his relationship with Huo Mian was complicated and couldn’t be explained with a few words.

“I know. I don’t want to drag her into our business. I wanted to say… I’m only human and have feelings; after staying by your side for so long, I’ve fallen in love with you.”

“I’m sorry…” Su Yu bit on his lip and was at a loss for words.

Different from those female movie stars, Zeng Rou had a fierce and determined personality, so Su Yu didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

“I don’t want your damned apology. I want you to like me… If you don’t like me yet, you can have sex with me first. People say one might fall in love for the other if they sleep together.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do it.”

“Su Yu, do you truly want to remain single for the rest of your life? You can’t get Huo MIan, so you’ll marry no one else?”

“I haven’t thought so far ahead. The future is distant.”

“Then for whom do you remain celibate?” Zeng Rou wept.

“I do it for myself, for my heart…” Su Yu raised his hand and pointed at his own chest.

“Hehe… It seems I overestimated myself. I thought… you’d give me a chance.”

Su Yu was silent…

“It seems you wouldn’t want me even if I offered to sleep with you. Even if I ask nothing from you, you still don’t want to touch me. I think… you just feel nothing about me…”

“I always regarded you as my friend,” Su Yu said with difficulty.

“Friend? Hehe…” Zeng Rou sneered.

“Mr. Su. Young Master Su. Would you wake up? No matter how shameless I am, I would never stay in a friend’s home without an invitation. From the first day I moved in, I’ve been hoping we would end up together.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“Yes. You indeed disappointed me.”

“I’m sorry,” Su Yu apologized again.

“Don’t say sorry again. Those three words grate on my nerves. Besides, you did nothing wrong. I’m the one who did wrong.”

Zeng Rou stood up slowly and walked away slowly due to her foot injury.

“Go. I was impertinent tonight.”

Then, she slammed the door closed.

Su Yu turned and went downstairs in embarrassment.

“President Su, what happened?”

In the living room on the first floor, An took out two cans of iced Coke from the fridge and handed one to Su Yu.


“I don’t believe you. I heard you two argue.”

“Don’t ask. I’m in a foul mood.” Su Yu gulped down a mouthful of Coke.

In fact, he wished he could sleep with women casually to numb himself, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Maybe his heart was full of someone so much that he couldn’t spare any thoughts for any other women.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was ambushed when I went down to the underground garage to get the car with Lu Yan.”

“Ambushed?” Su Yu was surprised.

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