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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3466 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 6

Chapter 3466 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 6

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“Fine, since you’re being so nice, I’ll tell you.” Then, Lu Yan whispered something into Tang Chuan’s ear.

“Are you sure? Qin Ning might kill me.”

“She won’t, trust me. She’ll be in shock and awe.”

“But who’s supposed to coordinate with me?”

“That’s your problem.”

“But isn’t it a little risky?” Tang Chuan thought that Lu Yan’s idea was way too weird - it wasn’t something a normal person could think of.

“You want it to be unforgettable? Then you have to take risks. Otherwise, you might as well propose the normal way.”

“Hm, you have a point… okay then.”

“Mhm, now will you stop bothering my sister?”

“Yes! When I propose tonight, remember to cheer for me, haha.”

Soon, Tang Chuan left South Hill Manor happily.

“Auntie Lu, what was your big idea?” Little Bean asked with a smile.

“It’s a secret.”

“Hmph, I’ll find out tonight anyway. Auntie Qin lands at 6 PM tonight, there’s definitely going to be a party tonight.”

“Yeah! Should we hold a party on a boat? We can light up some fireworks… we haven’t been on a boat in so long!”

Pudding suddenly remembered how amazing her and Little Bean’s birthday party was; the one where Su Yu held for them on his boat.

“That’s Tang Chuan’s problem now. Let’s watch quietly as an audience,” Huo Mian smiled.

“Sis, what are you doing today?”

“I need to work overtime at the hospital.”

“But you’re pregnant.”

“Yeah, work has been busy, and I couldn’t go on that business trip either. My other colleagues went for me because they were worried, so I want to pay them back.”

“You sound content.”

“Of course I am, why shouldn’t I be?” Huo Mian was in a good mood and ate a lot that morning.

“Okay then.”

“What about you? Do you want to go with me?”

“No thanks, the hospital’s boring.” Lu Yan shook her head.

“Auntie Lu, do you want to go to school with us?” Little Bean grabbed Lu Yan’s hand.

“Please spare me, I want to spend the day in peace.” Lu Yan shook her head even harder.

“Yan, you seem bored these days, how much longer can you stay in town?” Huo Mian asked.

“Why do you ask, are you sick of me?”

“Of course not, I’m worried that you’ll leave! I haven’t spent enough time with you.”

“Haha, I’m loved by everyone on earth…” Lu Yan smiled, proud of herself.

“Yes you are, can you live here for the rest of your life? I’ll give you everything I can,” Huo Mian rubbed Lu Yan’s head.

“I’m expensive though.” Lu Yan wrapped her arms around Huo Mian’s neck.

“It’s okay, I’m rich.”

“Haha, your husband is the rich one in your family. I can spend your annual salary in one day.”

“Auntie Lu, it’s okay, you have me as well, I’ll give you money from the stock market,” Pudding chimed in.

“Me too! I can sell my toys and buy you cakes.”

“Why are you all professing your love to me all of a sudden? Is it Valentine’s Day? I’m getting goosebumps.”

Lu Yan felt very loved. Having others think about you and worry about you was the best feeling in the world; nothing could match it.

After breakfast, Huo Mian went to work while the twins headed to school.

Lu Yan, on the other hand, was bored out of her mind and decided to drive out in search of street food.

After Huo Mian’s morning meeting, she was heading back to her office when she saw Zeng Rou waiting outside.

“Dr. Huo.”

“Are you here for a follow-up exam?”

“No, I’m here to see you,” Zeng Rou’s expression was grim; she was obviously here because she had something to say to Huo Mian.

“Come in,” Huo Mian opened her office door and invited Zeng Rou in.

“Dr. Huo, I moved out of Su Yu’s mansion,” Zeng Rou said as soon as she walked into Huo Mian’s office.

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