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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3469 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 9

Chapter 3469 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 9

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“I don’t.”

“What the f*ck, we’ve been friends since forever; how can you not love me?” Tang Chuan asked with frustration.

“I don’t like guys, why would I love you? Just tell me what you want.”

“Haha, let me rephrase… are we good friends or not?”

“We are not.” Su Yu shook his head without hesitation.

“Seriously, you’re breaking my heart here.”

“I know you’re up to something.” Su Yu knew Tang Chuan too well. He wouldn’t be here if he didn’t want something… especially since he’s been so busy planning his proposal to Qin Ning.

As expected…

“Haha, Yu, you know me too well…”

“You should know that I refuse to lend you money, cars, or my mansion. In a nutshell, I refuse.”

“Come on, am I that poor that I have to borrow money from you? Don’t worry, it’s none of that. It’s not borrowing a car or a house either.”

“Then I bet it’s something worse. If money can’t fix it, I will definitely refuse.”

“F*ck you, don’t be so mean. How can you refuse me before hearing what I need from you? I thought we were friends!”

“You thought wrong.”

“Are you ending our friendship?”


“Okay, if this is how you want to play, then let’s play.”

“Play what?” Su Yu scrolled through his computer as he chit chatted with Tang Chuan.

“If you don’t help me, I will go on a live stream tonight and tell everyone that you’re looking for a girlfriend and holding a pageant. Then, you’ll have crazy girl fans stalking out at your home and at work.”

Su Yu: “… You’re just as bad as Mian.”

Didn’t Huo Mian just say something about a pageant? Did they plan this?

“Hahah, really? Did she say the same thing?” Tang Chuan burst out in laughter.

“Shut up and get out of my face, I’m too busy.”

“Come on, please! I really need your help.”

“Fine, shoot. Do you want monetary assistance?”

“I need physical assistance.” Tang Chuan smiled evilly.

“Physical assistance?” Su Yu was confused.

“Yeah! I really want to give Ning an unforgettable proposal. I thought about it for a long time and asked around, but none of the ideas seemed good enough… but today Lu Yan gave me an idea. You know who she is, right? She’s really pretty.”


“She enlightened me with a really good idea this morning.”

“Have you gone mad? How can you ask her, she’s nothing but trouble!”

“Haha, it’ll be fine! It’s risky, but I love the anticipation.”

“Anticipation? I think you’re looking for a beating, if you listen to Lu Yan, Qin Ning will for sure slap you in the face.”

“No she won’t! Listen, I need someone to finish the act with me. I’ve given it some thought, and… you’re the best candidate.”

“What do you need?”

“Here, come here and I’ll tell you.” Tang Chuan gestured, and Su Yu leaned in unwillingly.

Tang Chuan then proceeded to whisper the entirety of Lu Yan’s plan into Su Yu’s ear.

The latter’s face dropped almost immediately. “I knew Lu Yan’s idea was going to be nuts.”

“Yu, please help me! This is the only time in my life that I will ever propose to someone, please!” Tang Chuan begged Su Yu with all his heart.

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