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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3471 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 11

Chapter 3471 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 11

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“If you know that Lu Yan contacts Professor Lu more often, why don’t you know anything about Lu Yan’s background.”

Zeng Rou couldn’t respond.

“No one, not even a terrorist like Ian, has managed to catch her. Do you think we can?”

Zeng Rou: “But Huo Mian is just as smart.”

“That’s why I keep saying that this is a difficult mission. The organization sent you after a lot of thought. You don’t have a very complicated background… or else we would have sent a spy instead.”

“Okay, I understand, Chief.”

“Mhm, stay away from Lu Yan for the time being. Moreover, I believe she has connections with the mob family in Russia.”

“Yes sir.”

After their brief conversion, Zeng Rou went home discreetly.

- South Hill Manor -

Qin Chu’s mother wanted to make a feast for the family. The rest of the family hung out in the living room - Lu Yan was playing an online game with the twins.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, was helping her mother-in-law in the kitchen.

“Mian, it’s okay. Go rest in the living room.”

“It’s okay, Mom, I don’t want to do nothing.”

“But look at your belly…”

“I’m really fine…”

“If you won’t listen to me, I’m going to ask Chu to come.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian finally had no choice but to leave the kitchen.

At this time, Qin Chu came home from work.


“You helped out in the kitchen again?” Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian, who still had an apron around her waist.

“Um, I wanted to help out, but Mom didn’t let me do anything,” Huo Mian immediately explained.

“You’ve had a lot of guts since you became pregnant.”

“Honey, aren’t you supposed to pick Ning up?”

“She has Tang Chuan, who needs me?”

“Haha, I think he’s developed a disease called ‘constantly missing Ning’.”

Qin Chu put his arms around Huo Mian and the two of them walked into the kitchen. “Mom, you don’t have to make so much food, we’re leaving in a bit.”

“I know, I’m just worried Ning would be hungry… you guys should at least have a quick bite, don’t leave on an empty stomach.”

Soon, Tang Chuan and Qin Ning arrived at South Hill Manor as well.

The twins immediately ran up to Qin Ning to greet her.

She had cut her hair even shorter; in Huo Mian’s eyes, Qin Ning was filled with youthful energy.

“Sis-in-Law, did you guys miss me?”

“Of course I did.”

“Ha, what about you, Big Brother?” Qin Ning linked arms with Qin Chu and asked.

“I have no comment, but someone’s missed you to death.” Qin Chu laughed as he eyed Tang Chuan, who replied with slight embarrassment, “Don’t make fun of me, Big Brother-in-Law.”

“Wait, who is this?” Qin Ning asked curiously; she had never met Lu Yan before.

“This is my sister, Lu Yan.” Huo Mian then turned to Lu Yan. “This is your brother-in-law’s cousin.”

“I know, her name is Qin Ning, right?” Lu Yan had done her share of the investigation into Qin Chu’s family.

“Mian, your sister is so pretty! Gosh, I’m hungry, can we eat? I heard Auntie Qin made me braised meatballs.” Qin Ning took off her jacket and ran over to say hi to Qin Chu’s dad.

At this time, Tang Chuan shot Qin Chu a look, and the latter suddenly said. “Ning-Ning, you guys enjoy. I need to go out really quickly, can I borrow Tang Chuan? We need all the people we can.”

“Wait, you guys aren’t eating?” Qin Ning asked with surprise.

“Mhm, I don’t have enough time. You guys go ahead and eat, don’t wait for us.” Then, Qin Chu and Tang Chuan left in a rush.

“My big brother’s working too hard, he already has the money to raise a second child… Plus, why did he have to take my Tang Chuan with him?” Qin Ning mumbled.

Huo Mian smiled but didn’t say anything.

As soon as Tang Chuan and Qin Chu left the manor, the formed called Su Yu. “Yu, are you ready? We’ll be there soon.”

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