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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3476 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 16

Chapter 3476 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 16

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An followed Lu Yan out, wanting to stop her and give the sweet potato to her.

Then he saw a few men walk up to her to talk to her; they all got into a car.

An was curious. He had always thought Lu Yan wasn’t an ordinary girl, so he followed the car silently; after all, he was in the special forces and was good at anti-reconnaissance.

He followed them from a distance until they came to a deserted factory site in the suburban area.

Lu Yan got out of the car with the men flanking her.

After they went in, An waited for a long while before slipping in and hiding in a corner.

“There’s only one guy? ” Looking at the guy bound on the chair, Lu Yan frowned slightly.

“We killed all the others except for this one. We kept him alive for interrogation.”

“Okay. Where did you find them?”

“They tried to sneak into South Side…”

“They targeted my sister?” Lu Yan was pissed off.

Ever since she came to C City, she had been getting rid of killers or spies each day.

Countless people tried to catch her or kill her, so she was indifferent to these wastrels.

However, when she heard they had targeted Huo Mian, Lu Yan got furious.

She walked over and caught the guy’s neck.

“Who sent you?”

“Humph…” The man turned his head away and ignored her question.

“You’ve brave, right? Very good. No one can remain silent before me; I can even get the dead talking…”

Lu Yan released him and took out a paper towel to wipe the blood from her fingers.

“Give him a lesson…”

“Yes, Boss.”

Two of her subordinates kicked and punched the captive.

But the guy remained silent.

“Boss, the guy wouldn’t talk. It seems he received special training.”

“Oh yeah?”

Lu Yan glanced at the guy coldly…

Standing in the darkness, An was bombarded by complicated feelings.

The Lu Yan he was looking at was totally different from the vivacious girl he had known. She was a cold woman with decisive moves and fierce eyes.

She even had subordinates working for her. Was she… a leader of a gang?

With complicated feelings, An continued to watch.

“Back off. I’ll do it.”

Seeing her subordinates couldn’t get the job done, Lu Yan became impatient.

“Kill me. I won’t say anything.”

“Don’t worry. Young man, I have ways to make you talk.”

Lu Yan turned on her watch and began to scan the guy’s face with it.

Immediately, information appeared on the screen.

“Gu Dacheng, male, 32 years old. Born in K City in a family of five. Father is dead; the younger brother, younger sister, and their mother still live in their hometown. Younger sister Gu Xiaoling married Wang Jinlei from the neighboring village in 2016; younger brother Gu Daqing is boarding in the county’s First Middle School. Gu Dacheng has no wife or girlfriend. He came out of his hometown to work at 17 and was tricked to be a sailor. Later he disappeared in a shipwreck and everyone thought he was dead. He’s never returned home.”

“Very good. You’ve gone through a lot… It seems your family is living in peace.” Lu Yan sneered.

“Damned woman, don’t touch my family…” Hearing Lu Yan mentioning his family, he got worked up and looked agitated.

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