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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3477 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 17

Chapter 3477 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 17

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“I’m surprised that you care for your family… If so, you’d better not waste my time.”

“I… I can’t say…”

The man was torn.

“Very good. Then I’ll let you reunite with your family in hell.”

“Bitch, if you dare to harm my family, I’d deal with you even as a ghost,” the man glared at Lu Yan and cursed fiercely.

“Hehe! That’s funny. I’m not afraid of you when you’re alive, do you think I’d be afraid of you when you become a ghost?”

Lu Yan turned and slapped him hard, making him dizzy.

“I’ll give you ten seconds to spill the beans and you’ll get a quick death… If you don’t, your family will be killed in a bomb explosion.”

Lu Yan turned and glanced at her subordinate.

“Count down for him. Ten seconds…”

“Yes, Boss…”

Seeing Lu Yan was serious, the guy’s expression changed drastically, and he surrendered in less than five seconds.

“I’ll tell you everything, but you can’t harm my family.”

“Be a man and be quick about it.” Lu Yan was impatient.


“Qiao… Nan sent me…”

“Qiao Nan? Oh… Qiao Nan gave you orders directly?” Lu Yan stared at the guy and asked.

“No. I got orders from a middleman.”

“How much did Qiao Nan pay you?” Lu Yan asked.

“200,000 US dollars.”

“Bullsh*t… Qiao Nan never uses US dollars… Do you take me as a stupid bitch?”

The guy tried to lie to Lu Yan but was found out immediately.

Furious, Lu Yan lifted her hand and shot the man in the ribs.

Blood flowed out from his chest slowly…

Lu Yan turned her head and ordered her subordinates, “Go and bring his younger brother here. Cut the boy into pieces in front of him.”

“No… Please don’t touch my brother.”

“I gave you the chance, but you lied to me.” Lu Yan glanced at the man coldly.

“I took the order from… the Emperor.”

“The Emperor Organization?” Lu Yan was surprised.

“Yeah. One week ago, we received an announcement that a one million US dollar bounty was posted from the Emperor through the Dark Web. We took it because we were the closest to… the target. We’ve never seen anyone from the Emperor and contacted them only online. To show their sincerity, they transferred 100,000 US dollars before the action.”

Lu Yan turned on her watch and searched the bank account information; sure enough, she saw a US dollar transaction go into the guy’s account from an unknown account.

“What’s the content of the mission?” Lu Yan asked.

“We were to capture Huo Mian, the vice director of South Side.”

“To where?”

“We were told to deliver her to the pier, and they’d send a boat to get her out of here.”

“So, your job is catching her, not killing her, right?” Lu Yan asked.


“Did they say their purpose of catching her?”

“No. We’re freelance killers and dare not to ask the motive of employers. It’s suicidal.”

“Good. I got it.”

“Then my family…” The guy was still concerned about his family’s safety.

“They are safe. You can die in peace now.”

Lu Yan raised her hand and shot the man between the eyebrows. The guy dropped to the ground and died painlessly.

Watching the scene, An was shocked.

Lu Yan… killed a man… She actually killed a man and didn’t look even a little bit fearful.

His feet moved a bit due to nervousness and let out a sound.

“Who is it?” Lu Yan’s subordinates immediately ran toward his hiding place.

“An, you can come out. I know you’ve been following me.” Lu Yan looked calm since she had known that An followed her from the nightclub.

She had allowed An to come and witness the scene so An would learn her true identity and stop liking her.

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