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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3478 - When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 18

Chapter 3478 When You Fall in Love With Your Idol 18

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Hearing that their boss knew him, Lu Yan’s subordinates lowered their guns.

An walked out from the darkness.

His eyes were unreadable when he looked at Lu Yan.


“I know you’ve been following me.”

“Why didn’t you expose me?” An lowered his head guiltily.

“I wanted you to see the things I did.”

“Will you… kill the witnesses?” An had witnessed Lu Yan killing the man; he wondered if it placed him in danger and if Lu Yan would deal with him.

“Don’t worry. For me, killing is as casual as eating each day. I’m not afraid that you’ll tell others. As for kill the witnesses, well, even if you call the police, they can’t get me since I’m not a Chinese citizen. Besides, the police don’t have the ability to catch me, not even your special forces.”

Lu Yan, a girl of about 20 years, was quite arrogant when she said these words.

“Why… do you kill people?” An had wanted to ask about her identity for a long time.

“It’s my job. I must earn money to make a living.”

“You’re a killer?” An seemed to have guessed her profession.

“A killer? No, I’m not that low.” Lu Yan shook her head and chuckled.

“You guys get out.”

Lu Yan looked at her subordinates.

“Yes, Boss.” They dragged the body out and left Lu Yan and An to talk in private.

“Lu Yan, what on earth do you do?”

Now that they were alone, An got to the point.

“An, do you know about mercenaries?”

“Mercenaries?” An’s heart jumped as he nodded.

“I do. I heard some legends about mercenaries when I was in the army.”

“Do you know who the No.1 mercenary is?”

After a moment of hesitation, An said slowly, “I heard the No.1 mercenary is the Second Young Madam. Five years ago, she entered the mercenary circle after graduating from West Point and defeated all her seniors. She then reshuffled the remaining mercenaries and established a new mercenary legion.”

“Well, you know a lot.” Lu Yan chuckled.

“I used to study this area when I was in the army. I especially like good melee fighters and heard the Second Young Madam, the No.1 mercenary, defeated all her peers at West Point.”

When An talked about his idol, his eyes lit up.

“Do you know the real name of the Second Young Madam?” Lu Yan looked at him and asked mildly.

An didn’t answer but he felt he knew the answer.

“Then… I’ll tell you… the Second Young Madam has another name; it’s Lu Yan.”

She said the words slowly and patted An on the shoulder; then she left.

An stood where he was in a daze, trying to process what he had heard.

Her words kept resonating in his mind: the Second Young Madam is Lu Yan; Second Young Madam is Lu Yan.

Seeing Lu Yan walk out, her subordinates hurried toward her.

“Boss, we dissolved the body with chemical lotion and left not a trace behind… But can we believe that fellow’s words? Does the Emperor truly dare to work against us?”

“It’s not impossible. Judging from the look on his face before he died, I don’t think he lied to us. Go and find out the IP address of the account sending money to him, and see what we can find.”


Lu Yan turned to another subordinate and said, “You find someone to disguise as this fellow and tell them you’ll meet them at the pier to deliver the hostage. Kill them all.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Then, someone asked, “Boss, shall we kill the fellow in there? He knows a lot about us.”

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