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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3481 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 1

Chapter 3481 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 1

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“I knew it…” Qin Chu was exasperated.

He knew his wife was up to something when she started looking unusually adorable.

“Honey… Tomorrow is Han Xu’s wedding.”


“So one member of our family needs to attend the wedding. You’re extremely busy and of course have no time to attend it.”

“Go on…” Qin Chu watched calmly as his wife put on the monodrama.

“So I must attend our old classmates’ weddings as a representative of our family…”

“What’s your point?” Qin Chu crossed his arms before his chest and looked at her patiently.

“The point is… Can I not bring the bodyguards you assigned to me? I’m not an important official or celebrity. I, a pregnant woman, am now surrounded by a group of bodyguards. Our old classmates would think I’m pretentious.”

“That’s impossible. Don’t even think of it.”

Qin Chu rejected her request without hesitation.

“Don’t get worked up. Let me finish, okay?” Huo Mian begged.

“Honey, please stop. Maybe… I’ll sing another song for you?”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Hahahaha! You’re really good…” Huo Mian giggled uncontrollably.

It was the first time that Qin Chu offered to sing a song, which showed how reluctant he was to continue the topic.

“I’ve never agreed to let you go without bodyguards. Honey, we can negotiate other things, but there’s no room for negotiation in this matter.”

“Honey, I didn’t say I’d go alone. Can I take only one bodyguard?”


Qin Chu had put extra protection around Huo Mian and almost surrounded her with bodyguards each day.

Ever since Huo Siqian kidnapped Huo Mian, her relationship with the professor had become obvious.

The number of enemies trying to catch Huo Mian would increase each day.

Qin Chu knew the abilities of his subordinates; none of them could protect her alone.

Qin Chu wouldn’t subject himself to this stupid mistake and wouldn’t give in to his wife despite her badgering.

“Honey, let me finish. When I said I’d bring only one bodyguard, I meant I’d bring Yan.” Huo Mian showed her trump card.

“You want to take Lu Yan with you?” Qin Chu was surprised.

“Yeah. What do you think? My female bodyguard is awesome, right? Haha. You know Yan’s abilities. She alone can protect me.”

“Honey, have you forgotten how you were blocked in the wonton shop by Nalo?”

“Um… It’s an accident. After all, it’s not like people like Nalo will appear every day.”

Before he could reply, Huo Mian took Lu Yan’s hand.

“Tell him, Yan, that you can protect me.”

“Um… Sis, leave me out of it…”

Lu Yan was still fearful when she remembered the incident that night and didn’t dare to go out with her sister.

“Honey… It’s a reunion of old classmates and I don’t want to go there with a group of bodyguards. They’d laugh at me. You know my personality; I never like to be in the spotlight.”

“Brother-in-law, just say yes. Look how cute my sister is…”

Lu Yan felt her heart almost melt when she saw her sister begged like this.

“Honey, look, even your son agrees to it.”

Huo Mian placed Qin Chu’s hand on her belly and stuck out her tongue at him.

Not far from them, Su Yu’s eyes became unreadable when he saw the sight.

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