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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3482 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 2

Chapter 3482 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 2

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“I’m not hurting; I’m numb already.”

“Hahaha…” Wei Liao laughed out loud.

“Hey, Mr. Su, where’s your girlfriend?”

“Whom do you mean?” Su Yu played dumb.

“Miss Zeng…”

“She moved out.”

“Did she try you and find you lacking?”

“Fuck off. You’re becoming as dirty as Tang Chuan.” Su Yu nudged Wei Liao with his shoulder.

“Miss Zeng is good looking and I heard her personality is fine, too. How come you don’t like her?”

“I feel nothing about her… Now, let’s not talk about her. It’s all in the past…”

Su Yu thought it was a good thing that Zeng Rou moved out. After all, he felt nothing about her and would waste their time if they continued in this state. Her moving out saved his effort of asking her to move out, so he had no intention to ask her back.

“We have a new girl here. Don’t you want to chat with her?” Wei Liao glanced at the girl sitting next to Huo Mian.

“Who?” Su Yu followed his glance.

“Who do you think?”

“Are you talking about Lu Yan?”

“Of all the people in the room, she’s the only one you can date, right?”

“Forget it. I want to live a few years more… I can never manage that girl, truly.”

Su Yu had seen lots of people and many weird things in his years of doing business.

The first time he saw Lu Yan, he had known that she wasn’t someone he could manage. He’d never make trouble for himself.

“You haven’t tried yet, how do you know you two won’t work out?” Wei Liao urged Su Yu.

“You can try yourself. I truly have no interest.”

“Do you think I dare to try that in front of Dr. Jiang?” Wei Liao looked exasperated.

“So don’t make trouble for me, Bro…”

“Hey! You two come and drink with me… I’m so happy today.”

Tang Chuan strode over and pulled Su Yu and Wei Liao to the table.

Qin Ning was still excited after the thrilling marriage proposal.

She brought some lemonade to the kids’ table and then took a seat next to Qin Chu.

“Big Brother…”


“Are you happy?”

“Yeah. I’m happy for you.” Qin Chu seemed to know what she was trying to say.

“I will truly get married this time…” Qin Ning bit on her lip lightly and said shyly.

“That’s a good thing. You’ll marry sooner or later.” Qin Chu smiled faintly.

“Bro, you must prepare a big dowry for me…”

“No problem. I’ll do it to your satisfaction.”

“My dad is old and I want him to come back and live with us in a few years. When we have children, I want him to enjoy his last years with his grandchildren. The headquarters…”

“I’ll handle it.”

“Haha, you are the best!”

Qin Ning didn’t want her Dad to stay in the U.S. all by himself, so she talked about the future of the company with her brother.

A smart guy, Qin Chu knew what she wanted to say the moment she broached the topic.

Hearing the simple words “I’ll handle it”, Qin Ning felt warm inside.

“We must make the wedding a grand event. We haven’t seen such a happy event for a while in our family.”

“Don’t say that. The baby my sister-in-law is carrying is a huge happy event, right?” Qin Ning looked up at her brother.

“It’s still early. He won’t come out for months.” At the thought of the baby, Qin Chu felt warm inside.

“Have you come up with a name for the baby?”

“Not yet.”

“Can I give you a suggestion?” Qin Ning offered.

“Huh?” Qin Chu looked at her questioningly.

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