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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3484 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 4

Chapter 3484 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 4

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“That’s different. Time passes and people change.” Huo Mian smiled faintly.

“Fine. Anyway, I’ll see what happens tomorrow. If I’m in a good mood, I might buy a gold bead worth about 700 yuan; if I’m in a foul mood, I probably will buy a fake one.”

“Fine, fine. Mrs. Bureau Chief, Han Xu will feel honored so long as you show up. You can give him whatever you want.”

They played until midnight when the kids felt sleepy. Reluctantly, they ended the party and returned home.

After deliberating for a long while, Qin Chu finally agreed to let Huo Mian attend the wedding with Lu Yan.

Qin Chu told Lu Yan privately, “Please don’t make trouble at the wedding.”

“I’ll do my best.” Lu Yan ran away with a smile, exasperating Qin Chu.

On the next day, Qin Chu escorted his daughters to their piano lesson, sight-reading, and ear training lesson.

Meanwhile, Huo Mian, Lu Yan, and Zhu Lingling went to Han Xu’s wedding.

Lu Yan drove them to the wedding in a white Bentley.

“Yan, you look stunning today.”

Sitting on the back seat, Zhu Lingling glanced at Lu Yan and was stunned by her beauty.

Lu Yan was seldom dressed like a socialite.

Wearing a gown of white and black stripes, a simple Cartier bracelet, and Dior classic pearl earrings, she indeed looked like a socialite.

“My sister dressed me. I feel weird,” Lu Yan said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“No, no, no, you’re beautiful. You can enter a beauty pageant like this.”

“Sister Lingling, I like your insincere flattering…”

“Hahaha! You’re funny.” Zhu Lingling liked the way Lu Yan talked.

The three of them bantered playfully with each other.

“Mian, do we really have to give the gifts to him? They cost almost 10,000 yuan.”

Looking at the golden mascots in her hands, Zhu Lingling was reluctant to give them to Han Xu.

“What then?” Huo Mian felt there was no need to fuss about it.

“We should have bought two fake ones…”

“Lingling, do you want to bet against me?” Huo Mian looked at her with a smile.

“On what?”

“I bet Han Xu hired professionals to determine the authenticity of the gold gifts.”

“F*ck. How can he do something so shameless?”

“I bet a red pocket of 1,000 yuan. Do you agree?” Huo Mian dared Zhu Lingling.

“Okay. Yan, you are the witness. When your sister loses, you must make sure she sends me a red pocket.”

“Sister Lingling, I think you’d better prepare the red pocket now. I highly doubt that my sister will lose.”

Lu Yan was quite confident of her sister’s high IQ. Even pregnant, she was smarter than ordinary people.

“You sisters… I just don’t believe it… He’s a grown man; how can he do such a shameless thing?”

Zhu Lingling thought this behavior was so weird and shameless that even Han Xu wouldn’t do it.

When they parked the car and entered the restaurant with invitations, they saw a row of staff at the entrance of the lobby. Obviously, this was the place for dropping gifts.

“You are…”

“Huo Mian, Zhu Lingling… We’re Han Xu’s high school classmates,” Huo Mian told them.

“Oh. Please come here… You can put the gifts here.” A young man ushered them to the place for gift dropping.

A pile of gold gifts sat on the desk. Obviously, many guests had arrived.

Huo Mian saw two young men wearing suits and white gloves examining the gold gifts carefully in a professional way. They weighed the gifts and then used a touchstone to test them.

“Lingling, look…” Huo Mian pointed at the touchstone with a smile.

“Holy crap…” Zhu Lingling cursed silently.

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