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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3487 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 7

Chapter 3487 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 7

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“han xu, is money and position so important to you?”

the woman called han xu’s name directly.

“what are you talking about? you shouldn’t have come here. get out…”

with a pale face, han xu urged the woman to go in a low voice.

“i won’t go. why should i go? i’m not the other woman. han xu, you lived with me for years and dumped me for a woman with money and a position. are you still a man?”

“i gave you money for compensation, didn’t i? what else do you want?”

“i don’t want money. i’ll never abort this baby.”

“who’s this woman?”

before han xu could speak, the fierce-looking bride walked over with her 140-pounds body.

“i’m han xu’s girlfriend. i lived with him for years,” the woman said.

“so what? you two are not married, right?

“if you’re not married, you’re not protected by the law. you should have made him marry you. if you couldn’t do it, don’t come and make trouble for us.”

obviously, the woman knew about han xu’s past.

“you’re the other woman. you ruined our relationship. you are despicable.” the woman was furious.

“the other woman? who is the other woman? he and i got our marriage certificate last week and today is our wedding. i’m his wife protected by law. you are the other woman.”

“han xu, i don’t want money. i don’t want anything. please don’t marry her. our baby is over five months now. it’s a boy; he’s your son.”

the woman tried to use the baby to win back the man who was lured away by money.

“anya, stop it, okay? i told you we broke up… you took the money and now came to make trouble for me?”

han xu was unmoved.

“come, get this mad woman out of here. she’s disgusting…”

not wanting to waste her breath on the woman, han xu’s wife called people to get the woman out.

“i won’t go. i won’t leave without han xu. i love him… han xu, i’ll work hard to give you whatever you want. please don’t marry her.”

crying hysterically, the woman ran up and grabbed han xu’s clothes.

but han xu’s robust wife kicked her in the belly.

the woman held her belly and dropped to the floor slowly.

“hey! i tell you, you can’t blackmail me… i’ve seen lots of women like you. stop acting.”

the robust bride railed against the woman.

huo mian strode up; zhu lingling tried to stop her, but it was too late.

“hey, mian… don’t mind their mess.” zhu lingling was exasperated.

huo mian wouldn’t have intervened if the woman abused wasn’t five months pregnant. as a pregnant woman, she could relate to another pregnant woman and knew the preciousness of the baby.

“are you okay?” huo mian ran over and helped the woman up.

looking at her big belly, huo mian thought the woman was silly to fight for this scumbag.

lu yan followed her sister closely to protect her.

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