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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3489 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 9

Chapter 3489 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 9

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“my sister got worked up today…” lu yan chuckled.

“your sister is a doctor and pregnant. it’s natural for her to be pissed off by the whole thing.” zhu lingling chuckled, too.

huo mian strode into the restaurant and walked to the gift dropping place with a fierce look on her face.

she took back her gold gift from them.

“hey! miss… what are you doing?” immediately, the staff tried to stop her.

“i just took back my own gift.” huo mian was pissed off.

“but… you just gave it out as a wedding gift.”

“so what? the gift is for people, not for dogs… i just don’t want to give them the gift now, okay?”

“how can you take back the wedding gift?” they tried to reason with her.

“i’ll take not only mine but my bestie’s gift, as well…”

huo mian picked up zhu lingling’s gift, too.

“hey! security! someone’s robbing us of gold…”

“call the cops. we’ll see who will get humiliated. by the way, my bestie’s husband is chief gao of the municipal public security bureau.”

hearing her words, the staff exchanged a look and didn’t know what they should do.

huo mian left with the gold gifts that she and lingling had bought.

“my hero! well done. i applaud you.” zhu lingling laughed.

she had been wondering why mian returned to the restaurant until she saw huo mian come back with their gifts.

“haha! sis, you’re so childish…”

lu yan had never seen her sister behave so adorably before.

“you can call me childish, but i just can’t allow the jerks who beat a pregnant woman to take money from us.”

huo mian felt han xu’s wife was even worse than him. it was pure evil that she ordered han xu to kick his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

“well done, sis. now that you got your revenge, let’s go.”

lu yan opened the car door and asked her sister and zhu lingling to get in.

at this moment, huo mian’s cellphone rang.

speaking for a while on the phone, she hung up.

“as i expected, the pregnant woman was delivered to south side. her condition is urgent and complex; i must hurry over and perform surgery on her.”

“how about the other doctors?” zhu lingling asked.

“the doctors of the ob/gyn department are all there, but the case is complex and they don’t dare to do the surgery. i need to go and decide the surgery plan before signing it.”

“okay. i’ll go with you.”

zhu lingling decided to go to the hospital with huo mian.

“sit tight, sis…”

lu yan raced all the way to south side.

changing into scrubs, huo mian hurried into the or, leaving zhu lingling and lu yan in her office waiting for her.

the operation lasted more than two hours.

huo mian was drenched in sweat when she came out.

“sis, how did it go?” lu yan walked up and held her arm.

“she had metrorrhagia. we saved her but not the baby…” huo mian sounded fatigued.

“f*ck! that jerk han xu killed his own baby… he used to call wei dong a jerk behind his back; now i see wei dong, despite his impertinence, is so much better than him.”

zhu lingling cursed and railed against han xu.

“we shouldn’t have attended the wedding. my sister got furious and fatigued because of it,” said lu yan.

“forget it. let’s go and have lunch. it’s on me.” huo mian pulled them out of the office.

“i won’t go eat in the cafeteria.” zhu lingling remembered huo mian had won 1,000 yuan from her and decided to make the latter pay for a big meal for them.

“okay, i’ll take you guys to eat bbq. how about that?”

“good.” zhu lingling nodded.

they walked into a nearby bbq restaurant. the moment they sat down, about a dozen men barged in with clubs in their hands.

“they are here. hit them.” then the men swarmed up toward them.

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