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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3490 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 10

Chapter 3490 - Doctor Huo's Female Bodyguard 10

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“my gosh! who are these guys? we might get killed today… mian, why didn’t you take some bodyguards with you? no, you’re pregnant and must go first. take the back door and call for help. i’ll hold them for a moment with yan.”

seeing so many people come at them with weapons, zhu lingling was afraid huo mian, who was pregnant, would get hurt.

to her surprise, huo mian just sat there calmly and continued with the task of tearing open the package of the disposable chopsticks.

“it’s okay. yan can handle them,” said huo mian.

zhu lingling: “…”

“sis, are you kidding me? we’re older than her; how can we let a girl younger than us deal with these dangerous fellows?”

zhu lingling suspected huo mian had gone crazy. instead of running, she just asked lu yan to handle the villains.

lu yan looked like a young and immature girl. how could she handle them? wouldn’t she be smashed into a meat pie?

lu yan picked up a carton of fruit juice and drank some with a straw. then she stood up calmly.

“sis, sister lingling, you go ahead with the lunch… grill lots of meat slices for me. i’ll be back in a moment.”

she picked up an empty chair and smashed it to the ground.

with a crack, the chair shattered. she bent and picked up a chair leg.

the villains dashed to their side ferociously and then stopped in confusion when they saw a young girl walking toward them calmly with a chair leg in her hand.

“you guys… offended someone, understand? we were paid… to give you a lesson. i know it’s not right to beat women, but we’re professionals helping people get rid of trouble. you’re just out of luck.”

“fuck… stop babbling. are you going to fight or not? i’m starving and waiting to eat meat.”

before those guys could react, lu yan charged with the chair leg.

under zhu lingling’s astonished gaze, she knocked the ten guys down in less than two minutes.

she moved very fast and knocked each of them with only one strike on the vulnerable part.

the big guys couldn’t even block her attacks, not to mention fighting back.

lu yan beat them like an adult beating a group of kindergarten kids.

she didn’t need to use any high-level fighting skills; she just smashed at their vulnerable parts…

in two minutes, they all dropped to the ground, howling.

“please stop…”

“yeah. please stop. my back is breaking.”

“hero, please stop. we’re begging you on our knees.”

the guys begged spinelessly.

“who paid you to beat us?”

“we don’t know the employer,” the leader said.

lu yan stomped on his fingers, making him howl in pain.

“miss, i truly don’t know. it’s not our place to ask the names of our employers. our friend introduced them to us. they transferred 100,000 yuan to us and told us your whereabouts, wanting us to give the three of you a good lesson.”

“tell me your bank account. i’ll find them myself.”

“uh…” the man hesitated.

lu yan lifted the chair leg to hit the man’s head; the man howled in fear.

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