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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3491 - Amy, We Meet Again 1

Chapter 3491 - Amy, We Meet Again 1

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then, the man cautiously dug out a bank card from his pocket. “here it is.”

lu yan took it and glanced at the card, memorizing the number instantly.

“now get out and don’t come back, or i’ll cripple you guys.”

“thank you, miss; thank you, miss.”

the dozen or so brawny men fled…

lu yan returned to her seat and saw huo mian had grilled some beef for her; she picked up a slice and stuffed it into her mouth.

“my god… yan, you… you… you’re a professional bodyguard?” zhu lingling was still stunned.

“yeah. i used to be a security guard when i worked abroad.”

lu yan lied without hesitation, making huo mian chuckle.

“mian, you are sly. i was wondering why you didn’t bring bodyguards with you. so your sister is a bodyguard. come on, let’s thank yan for driving out those flies.”

as if nothing had happened, the three women enjoyed their meal.

then zhu lingling took a taxi and went home. lu yan followed her sister closely in the hospital to protect her.

outside the ward when huo mian went in to do the round, lu yan tracked down the source of the bank card. as expected, it came from the bride of today’s wedding.

she was pissed off with huo mian for taking back her gold gift.

the woman thought she could do anything she wanted just because her dad was the chief of the local taxation bureau.

lu yan thought this woman would be trouble; thinking for a few seconds, she issued an order to her subordinates.

“you guys set up a car crash and i’ll send the information of the target to you. don’t kill the woman. just get her into a vegetative that she will never wake up from, so her scumbag husband will be shackled to her bedside for the rest of his life.”

thinking of the woman who had lost her unborn baby at noon, lu yan decided to take revenge for her, too.

“okay, boss.”

“the target is the daughter of a bureau chief, so the transportation bureau will try its best to find out the perpetrator. the one of you that takes on the task will need to leave the country immediately. wait for my next instructions in thailand.”

“boss, will you leave soon?”

“yeah. in a couple of days. you guys must finish the task today.”

“yes, boss. we’ll finish the task.”

lu yan ended the call.

lu yan’s subordinates were masters in doing all kinds of missions. it was easy to hit a target in a car crash, but it was difficult to make the target fall into a vegetative state.

- at the imperial star headquarters -


“yes, president su?”

“damn it. i called you several times. what were you thinking?”

“i… nothing.” an looked distracted.

“you just got dumped. in fact, you didn’t get dumped since lu yan didn’t accept your love at all. your love for her is unrequited.”

“president su, can we not talk about it?”

an had not been himself since last night because he still couldn’t accept the fact that his idol, the no.1 mercenary, was lu yan.

he had been thinking about each word lu yan had said to him and the fights she had fought.

he was absent-minded for the whole day.

“be a man and get a grip on yourself. look at me… i’m still alive after years of fruitless love. you were in love for only a few days but you look as if you’ve lost your soul,” su yu teased.

“i’m not as strong as you are. besides, you can often see dr. huo, but i can’t. she might leave at any moment.”

an knew a person like lu yan wouldn’t stay here for long.

“how about this? before she leaves, i’ll ask her out to have dinner with us.” an idea dawned on su yu.

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