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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3493 - Amy, We Meet Again 3

Chapter 3493 - Amy, We Meet Again 3

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“What’s up?”

“Mr. Qiao wants to know when you’ll reach Thailand.”

“Tomorrow morning. I’ll set off at midnight and will arrive before dawn.”

“Good. Boss, see you later.”

Lu Yan turned off her watch and walked downstairs after Qin Chu.

“Auntie, come and eat cake. We saved a big piece for you.” Little Bean called out to Lu Yan.

“Okay.” Lu Yan trotted over cheerfully.

“Auntie, we’ll have a piano performance in the school in a few days. Can you go and watch it with Mom and Dad?”

“I…” Lu Yan found it hard to refuse her.

“Your piano skills are excellent. Do you need to show them off?” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Of course. Otherwise, the kids in the senior grades will think we’re good-for-nothing… We must show them our skills,” Little Bean said.

“I agree. We must stun those pretentious kids with our great skills.” Pudding unusually agreed to her sister’s idea.

“The two kiddos are scheming at such a tender age. I wonder what you’ll become when you’re grown up.” Lu Yan pinched Little Bean’s chubby face lovingly and touched Pudding’s earlobe, showing how deeply she loved the two kids.

“Little Bean, you must cut back on the cake and keep your figure,” said Lu Yan.

“I’ll try…” Little Bean looked reluctant.

“Pudding, you have lots of time to make money in the future, so don’t spend all your time studying stocks on your cellphone. Do something girly, such as shopping, flower arrangement, the art of tea, and etc. When you marry into a wealthy family, you will be a lady of many talents.”

“Okay. Auntie, I’ll try,” Pudding answered readily.

Huo Mian heard something unusual in Lu Yan’s words but refrained from asking her in front of the kids.

When the kids were distracted, she took Lu Yan’s hand and walked to a corner, asking, “Yan, are you leaving?”


“When?” Huo Mian felt melancholy.

She had selfishly hoped that Yan would stay here forever and live her life happily with her family.

But she knew it was impossible.

Qin Chu had said that Lu Yan looked idle but had in fact engaged in several fights and killed several people after she came here.

Lu Yan would never tell her sister about this dark side of her life, knowing her sister was a doctor whose job was saving people’s lives.

To make Huo Mian happy, she always showed her good and optimistic side.

“I’ll take a motorboat to the high seas after midnight; a helicopter will be waiting for me there.”

“So soon…”

“Sis, it’s not as if I won’t come back. Please don’t be sad.”

Seeing her sister’s melancholy face, Lu Yan felt guilty.

“I just… am reluctant to see you go; so are the kids.”

“I know, I promise you I’ll visit you as often as I can. Okay?”


“Sis, you’re pregnant and must be extra careful. You must take bodyguards with you anywhere you go and never go out alone because you’re the target of many bad guys.”

“I know. Yan, I’ll be… very careful.”

“Okay. Then take me to Sky Blessing Court in a little while,” Lu Yan said.

“Huh?” Huo Mian was surprised.

“I want to visit your adoptive mother, Ms. Yang,” said Lu Yan in a low voice.

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