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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3494 - Amy, We Meet Again 4

Chapter 3494 - Amy, We Meet Again 4

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“Okay. We can go now.”

Huo Mian put away her things, picked up her coat, and left home with Lu Yan.

They left in a race car and didn’t bring the twins with them.

On the way, Lu Yan entered a high-end nutrient food shop and bought lots of sea cucumber, Bird’s Nest, abalone, and ginseng.

She spent about 100,000 yuan without batting an eye.

“Yan, you can’t spend money like this. It’s horrible; you’d go broke sooner or later.”

Huo Mian knew Lu Yan had spent almost one million yuan on gifts for her family, including the twins, Qin Chu, her and the baby, and even Qin Chu’s parents.

No matter how rich she was, she couldn’t spend money in this way.

“Sis, people in our profession earn quick money with one deal that could be worth up to several billions of yuan; the payments are astronomical figures. I pay my subordinates well, giving them 80% and keeping 20% for myself. Still, I’ve earned countless amounts of money. To tell the truth, I don’t even know how much money I have in my swiss bank account. I don’t even care enough to check, but I know even if I spent one million yuan each day for the next 60 years until I reach 80, I’d still have money left…”

“But how about your children? Don’t you want to leave money to them?”

“Don’t talk about children with me, I myself am still a child.” Lu Yan chuckled.

“You and Qiao Fei will get married and have children. You’ll have your own family, so you must think about your future.”

Painstakingly, Huo Mian tried to persuade Lu Yan to return to the family.

“Sis, to tell you the truth, I don’t think I can live that long.” Lu Yan smiled faintly.

Huo Mian’s heart sank when she heard those words.

Despite her sadness, she knew Lu Yan was right.

Right now, Lu Yan was still young with quick reflexes, good physical strength, excellent fighting skills, and marksmanship.

But what about the future? She was only a human not a god; she’d get old one day.

When that day came, could she still handle the danger she faced every day?

Soon they reached Sky Blessing Court.

Yang Meirong was cooking. Seeing Huo Mian, she was delighted.

“Mian, why didn’t you call me before you came?”

“It was a last-minute decision.”

“Oh, this girl is…” Yang Meirong saw Lu Yan standing behind Huo Mian and found the girl unfamiliar.

“She’s…” Huo Mian was about to explain Lu Yan’s relation to her when Lu Yan said, “Hello, aunt. I’m Qin Chu’s… distant cousin. I live abroad and came back for vacation.”

“Oh, you’re Chu’s cousin. No wonder you are so pretty. Come on in.”

Yang Meirong asked them into the apartment warmly.

Lu Yan placed the gifts in the living room.

“Auntie, it’s our first meeting, so I brought you some small gifts. I hope you like them.”

“These things are expensive. You’re young and must be still in school. The gifts are too expensive for me. Return them, please. I can’t accept them.”

Yang Meirong wasn’t a greedy person. Mian usually bought these things for her, so she knew the prices of these health supplements.

She didn’t want the young girl to spend so much money on her.

“Mom, Yan bought them for you. Just take them.”

Huo Mian knew Lu Yan’s temper, so she persuaded her mother to accept the gifts.

“Have you two had supper yet?”

“Not yet. We came to have supper.”

“Then I’ll go and make dumplings. A neighbor gave me some shiso leaves; they’ll be delicious in dumplings.”

She put on an apron and went into the kitchen.

“Sis, she’s been very good to you these years, right?” Lu Yan asked Huo Mian in a low voice.

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