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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3500 - Amy, We Meet Again 10

Chapter 3500 - Amy, We Meet Again 10

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The moment Qiao Nan said the words, Lu Yan punched the back of his neck, knocking him unconscious.

She dragged him out of the door, shooting the two bodyguards before they could react.

She left one of them alive on purpose.

Dragging the unconscious Qiao Nan out of the house, she got into the silver van that her subordinates had driven over to meet her.

“Boss. Good job. You were really fast.”

It took her less than three minutes to finish the task; she sure were efficient

“Qiao Nan trusts Amy and didn’t think I was an imposter.”

Lu Yan pulled off the human skin mask from her face.

“I knew that bitch was working for this bastard Qiao Nan. We can’t let them go this time.”

Lu Yan just curved up her lips.

With Qiao Fei working from the inside, their plan was a great success. Qiao Fei knew Amy wouldn’t give the file to his father and would hand it to Qiao Nan.

Qiao Nan had come to Thailand earlier than the others since he had hooked up with many local gangs here.

Feeling at home in this place, he even used drugs before the Central Asia Mafia Conference began, entering the trap set by Qiao Fei and Lu Yan.

With high efficiency, Lu Yan caught both Amy and Qiao Nan.

“Boss, what shall we do with these two?”

“Tie Qiao Nan up and give him a shot of sedative, so he can’t escape.”

“Okay. How about Amy?”

“Well… Bring her to me. She was my subordinate and I want to catch up with her.”

“Yes, Boss.”

As Lu Yan ordered, they tied up Qiao Nan and imprisoned him in a room in the basement.

Then, Amy was brought to the hotel where Lu Yan stayed.

With 66 floors, it was one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok.

Lu Yan liked to stay in the penthouse suite since she could see the whole city from her room.

Wearing a white bathrobe, she stood in front of the full view window with a glass of wine in her hand.

She was tired after the long flight and catching two people in a row. Taking a bath, she felt much better.

Then, the door opened as her subordinates pushed Amy into the room.

She had just woken up, looking confused.

On a whim, Lu Yan put on the human skin mask as she stood with her back to Amy.

“You…” Amy looked at her back in fear.

When Lu Yan turned abruptly, Amy was startled when she saw the face resembling hers as if she was looking into a mirror.

But Amy knew she wasn’t looking at herself in the mirror since the woman was wearing different clothes from hers.

She had no twin and knew no one could resemble her so much.

After the initial confusion and shock, Amy suddenly remembered that in the whole world, only one person excelled so much in the usage of human skin masks, and this person was Lu Yan.

She had worked for Lu Yan for a few years and knew Lu Yan could easily change her face into anyone.

“Bo…boss… It’s you,” frightened, Amy stammered.

She wished she was wrong because Lu Yan was the last person she wanted to see in the world.

“Very good. You can still recognize me. Amy… we meet again.”

With a smirk, Lu Yan pulled off the human skin mask.

Instantly, chills ran down Amy’s spine since she knew she would die now that her boss had appeared.

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