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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3503 - The Last Act 3

Chapter 3503 - The Last Act 3

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“Boss, I don’t want to die… Please forgive me.”

Amy kowtowed repeatedly, but Lu Yan was unmoved.

Qiao Fei looked at her without a trace of pity in his eyes.

Her forehead began to bleed, but Lu Yan didn’t soften.

Finally, she gave up and looked at the gun on the floor. She picked it up slowly and aimed it at her head.

Closing her eyes, she pulled the trigger.

But at the last moment, she turned the gun toward Lu Yan, wanting to take Lu Yan with her.

She couldn’t have Qiao Fei and didn’t want Lu Yan to have him, either. She had a distorted mentality.

But to her surprise, the gun didn’t fire.

“You’re surprised, right? I didn’t put bullets in the gun… Considering you once worked for me, I wanted to give you a quick death, but you want to do it the hard way,” Lu Yan said.

“Lu Yan, stop saying pretty words. You’re just jealous and are afraid that I’d steal your man. You have no confidence in yourself and that’s why you want to kill me.” Knowing she’d die anyway, Amy revealed a different attitude, which was probably her real personality.

“Am I afraid of you? Am I jealous of you? You overestimate yourself. Who do you think you are? Do you have no brain? Don’t tell anyone you were my subordinate since I never take in stupid people like you.”

“Shut up. Shoot me… But I must warn you, even if you kill me, you’re in trouble. Do you think Qiao Nan is the only one who wants to deal with you?” Amy smiled sinisterly.

“Whoa. You sound as if you know a lot of insider information.”

“Yeah, but I’d never tell you.”

“Do I need your information? This is ridiculous…” Lu Yan was amused.

“Okay. It’s useless talking to her. Yan, it’s time for the next step,” Qiao Fei checked his watch and reminded her.

“Got it,” Lu Yan said indifferently.

Fearfully, Amy closed her eyes, knowing how cruelly Lu Yan usually handled her enemies.

She knew she would probably be beaten senseless.

“Okay. Since you’ve chosen your path, that’s it… I’ll never see you again,” Lu Yan said.

“Hurry up and kill me.” Amy sounded impatient but was extremely scared.

“Don’t overestimate yourself. I don’t want to dirt my hands by killing you.”

Lu Yan waved her hand and her subordinates came in and dragged Amy out.

“Where are you taking me?” Amy struggled desperately but couldn’t muster any strength.

“You deserve to be skinned alive for betraying our boss. B*tch, this is the end of you; in your next life, I hope you will be a better person.”

They threw a bag on her head and carried her away.

Amy thought they were going to throw her into the ocean and feed her to the fish…

After they were gone, the room was quiet.

“In the future, I truly can’t use women as my subordinates. They’d get jealous of me and then hate me for my great beauty.” Lu Yan touched her own face narcissistically.

“With me by your side, you don’t need a maid to serve you.”

Qiao Fei held her from behind, placing his hands on her waist suggestively.

“What are you doing?”

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