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My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3504 - The Last Act 4

Chapter 3504 - The Last Act 4

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“I want you,” Qiao Fei said.

Understanding his intentions instantly, Lu Yan lifted her foot to stomp his foot.

Fortunately, Qiao Fei reacted quickly and dodged it, or else he’d be in great pain.

“Look at you. Which woman is as violent as you are?”

“But you like violent women, right? You don’t like the pretentious ones, right? Otherwise, you’d have slept with Amy.”

“Slept with her? I’m not that hungry.” Qiao Fei’s lips curved up a bit.

“They all say men think with their lower bodies. Do you think I’d believe you? While you were in Russia, you must have enjoyed yourself with Russian girls who have big breasts and big butts, right?” Lu Yan teased him.

“Give me back the body armor, you ungrateful girl.”

“Hahaha! Shame on you! How can you ask back the thing you gave out…” Lu Yan mocked him.

“Shame on you! You bully your fiancé with a smirking face.”

“Who said you’re my fiancé? I can replace you at any moment.” Lu Yan turned her head and looked at Qiao Fei challengingly.

“If you say so, I won’t let you go today.”

He moved suddenly and pushed her onto the soft big bed in the suite.

Before she could react, he followed and pressed her onto the bed.

“F*ck… You’re shameless. Do you want to rape me?” Lu Yan began to curse.

“No, I want to consummate our marriage.”

“In your dreams. I’ll smash your face.” Lu Yan waved her fists.

“Go ahead. Even if you kill me, I’ll do what I want to do…”

Qiao Fei had missed her so much that he couldn’t control his passion when they were alone in the room.

“Psycho Qiao, do you want me to hit you?”

They were about to engage in a wrestle when a knock came at the door.

They paused at the same time.

“Boss… It’s time for Young Master Qiao to go. The other side finished the preparations.”

“Do you hear that?”

Qiao Fei looked reluctant…

“Be a good boy, Fei…”

“Don’t call me that.” Hearing Lu Yan call him Fei, he felt embarrassed.

“Okay, this is the last part of the drama. After all, we’ve put in lots of effort into the drama and can’t stop at this stage.”

Lu Yan coaxed him.

“You must give me some enticement,” Qiao Fei threatened.

“Okay. Mwah, mwah.” Lu Yan kissed his face.

“That’s not enough.”

Qiao Fei begged for more like a child.

“Then I’ll give you a kiss on the mouth, okay?”

She mustered her courage and raised her head, throwing her arms around his neck.

With her eyes closed, she kissed him…

While she was focused on the kiss, Qiao Fei reached up and touched her chest.

Instantly, her face turned dark.

Before she could do anything, Qiao Fei jumped up and fled.

“Damn it… You dared to take advantage of me… Psycho Qiao, just wait and see.”

Caught off guard by Qiao Fei, Lu Yan was touched in a place she had never allowed anyone to touch.

Meanwhile, Lu Yan’s subordinates gave Amy an injection, making her listless, and tossed her on a dirty street.

In less than one minute, she was caught.

“The bitch is here. I got her.”

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