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Mystical Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 1220 - Lurk 2

Chapter 1220: Lurk 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Jiatai the Root Doctor,” The man in the white windbreaker glanced at Jiatai, immediately acknowledging his name. “People might be afraid of your Thousand Magnetic Needles, but it’s useless against me,” he snorted.

Suddenly, a fuzzy Soul Energy Force started escaping from the base, forming a translucent ring of ripples that started spreading.

“He really is absorbing Soul Energy!” A lady behind the white shirt man snorted. “Even a powerhouse of the Mother Stream System couldn’t resist the temptation of a natural Soul Ring. A more troublesome powerhouse wouldn’t be able to resist it either.”

“Something’s not right, this Soul Energy Force seems to be a little too big…” The man in white shirt frowned slightly. “Absorbing and releasing Soul Energy shouldn’t cause such a big movement, should it?”

“But it’s fine.” The lady smiled as she pulled out something that seemed to be a small humanoid toy. “No matter how mysterious Soul Energy is, it is still a form of energy. There are plenty of ways to trigger it.”

She tugged on the white doll’s head lightly.


A light surge of Soul Energy rushed out, entering the Soul Energy ripples in the air. In an instant, all the Soul Energy that was contaminated by this surge of energy started to boil and became distorted.

Just like ice-cold water that suddenly became boiling hot water! Countless Soul Energy stirred up and rushed into the core of the ripples.


“This!?” With one hand, Garen grabbed the sixth Blood Ball. He could feel that something was off as if some special force was transmitting into him. His own Soul Energy was still alright, but the massive Soul Energy escaping Mind Reader was like an aphrodisiac potion and it started to distort badly.

At this moment, his Soul Energy was still linked to the Mind Reader’s natural Soul Ring. The force instantly transmitted into his inner Soul Ring, a trace of evil tyrannical will slowly sink into his Soul Ring.


It was a dog-like black creature with no eyes, just a white mouth with serrated edged teeth split open on the left side of its body. All of a sudden, it darted right into Garen’s inner soul ring and started howling.

“This is Sin’s Authority!!” Garen had never seen such a creature before in his life. However, not only did he heard Black Claw of Sethe brought it up more than once that this was no other than the real natural enemy of a Soul Energy creature, the strongest monster that was developed by the Void Creatures in the Mother Stream System contrary to the Ancient Endor’s Soul Ring — Sin’s Authority!

All forms of attack that consisted of Soul Energy were nutrients to it that enabled it to grow rapidly.

“Damn it!” Garen had no idea at all how he was going to deal with this Sin’s Authority that came out of nowhere.

In addition of being Soul Energy’s nemesis, it was practically vulnerable against all physical attacks. But he could not leave right now while the linking ceremony between Soul Rings was still happening. If he was to leave suddenly, he would most likely trigger a major disturbance in the natural Soul Ring, even his newly formed Soul Ring would crumble and explode as well. By then, not only would he suffer from heavy injuries, he would even lose his life!! Moreover, Soul Rings and Soul Seeds accumulated from a couple of worlds would straight away fall apart and explode along too.

Even if someone was to touch him from the outside, it could even cause the entire situation to lose control.

Sin’s Authority, the black dog, was in the black space. It simply pounced on the two massive Soul Rings that were constantly turning, biting onto Garen’s Soul Ring.


“I said it already, all of you can’t enter.” Jiatai glared at the people crowded by the door.

“As Vulture No.4, I have the rights to enter any area in the headquarters, including here!” Vulture No.4 snorted loudly, “If you really want to stop me, then don’t blame me for executing my high law enforcement power!”

The so-called high law enforcement power was just that high-ranked Vultures had the powers to carry out law enforcement punishments against other high-ranked Vultures without the verification of No.1 Vulture. This power was only possessed by the Vultures ranked top five.

“High law enforcement power?” A Steel Needle suddenly appeared in Jiatai’s hands. Instead of getting mad, he smiled. “Well then, let’s see whether you’re the stronger one. I’ve never liked you and No.5. Today shall be the perfect day for this Lord over here to show you how to conduct oneself.”

“Such big, shameless words!”

No.4 was slightly agitated too, a silver-white short dagger appearing in his hands. His eyes started glowing in a bright red shade and the electronic chip that was planted into his eyeballs started working.

Soon enough, the atmosphere between both people started to become tense. Groups of people began swarming out of the Unrestricted Department, encircling No.4 and the others. A few snipers had their aims directed at No.4 and the others, the red spots directly falling on them.

In Vulture, every high-ranked person had their own designated forces, and these forces would only listen to the commands of their Direct Supervisors. Even if they were to aim their guns at a leader of another force, there would be zero hesitation.

“Are all of you rebelling?!” No.4’s face fell as he shrieked.

“Just forcing our way!” The white shirt man smiled. Speaking softly behind No.4, he could feel that something had gone wrong inside.

A black gleam flashed beneath his eyes. It did not seem humane.

“We’ll hold responsibility, don’t worry about it.” He straight away put No.4’s mind at rest.

No.4 instantly calmed down and swept his gaze around the large group of soldiers around him. There were nearly hundreds of them.

“Who dares to stand in my way! Let’s move! Enter!!!” He roared as he made his way toward the entrance. Little did he believed that Jiatai would actually dare to kill him.

“Block him!” Double-Tailed Scorpion yelled.

These people were obviously here to mess around, and if Garen was still not out by this moment, something must have definitely gone wrong inside, there was no way they could allow their minister to be disturbed!



The Hellfrost Peacock’s Soul Seed was bitten by Sin’s Authority. After the black dog swallowed a mouthful, it went forward and bit on the other few Soul Seeds.

As the cracking continued sounded, the originally Soul Seed that was extremely strong and powerful was easily bitten into bits and pieces, nearly falling apart.

Somewhere deep inside Garen’s soul was aching, but that ache was nothing at this moment. Staring at his own Soul Seed being destroyed, he panicked. These were the Soul Seeds and Inspiration he had spent so much effort and hard work accumulating. A bite as such was not just only a loss of Soul Energy, but more of his own inspiration of different rules and his own understandings of the universe!

The black dog simply biting him here and there was killing him!

“Die!!” He thundered as he triggered his Nine-Headed Dragon Will.

Just when the golden Nine-Headed Dragon popped its head out, the black dog immediately pounced forward and bit its neck. The black dog then swallowed the nine heads and in less than a few seconds, the golden Nine-Headed Dragon Will was completely swallowed up.

Garen did not expect this kind of change would happen so suddenly. He watched it destroy the Nine-Headed Dragon Will as he felt a painful tear in the depths of his soul.

“Ha ha ha!! Void Hunter! Aren’t you struggling? Resist it! It’s useless!” A rumble of laughter sounded from the black dog’s body. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been lurking around you from the last world, and finally, I’ve waited for this opportunity!”

Garen’s heart sank and suddenly understood who his opponent was. The foundation of the Soul Seed was still there and his memory still existed. As long as he had the sufficient Soul Energy and as long as he was not completely swallowed, the damage to the Soul Ring would not be too bad. Now that he understood clearly who his opponent was, he was really panicking.

“Nine-Headed Dragon Queen Nadia?”

“Nadia?” The black dog blanked out for a second before laughing again, “This idiot, and they actually let you continue to transmigrate and develop and did not personally come to kill you. A huge threat you are! I’ve been given such a gift. Come to think of it, I still have to thank her… But rest assured, after eating you, I’ll go back and kill her! I won’t let you be alone.”

It sprang forward an took a bite of a Soul Seed among the first Soul Ring, intending to destroy all the completed Soul Seeds, then wait for the Soul Energy to simmer off and devour once his powers have reduced.


Just happened that it bit on the Holy Phoenix Demon Book’s Soul Seed.


Infinite gold gleams broke out suddenly. Perhaps it was not pure gold, but definitely something that was like black flames wrapped in gold.


A giant, golden phoenix rushed out from the Soul Seed and surrounded the Soul Seed. With a sinister arrogance, it rushed toward the black dog.

“Holy Phoenix! Holy Phoenix!!” Voices of countless people began to sing. Numerous gold scriptures flew out of the phoenix’s body and formed chains that seized the black dog.

“What is this!?” The black dog was horrified and tried to flee, but it was useless.


Wrapped in the countless golden light, black flames were spreading all over the chains, lighting the black dog on fire.

“No!!!” The black dog mourned with pain. “This… This is domineering!!! How is this possible!!? How can such a thing like this be allowed to exist!!”

“No!!! No!!!” Screaming, the black dog swiftly burned into ashes.

The golden phoenix’s eyes were a sleek darkness as if there were numerous black flames burning within. It stared quietly as the black dog burned completely, then it opened its wings.

The black dog turned into an overflowing black gas that rolled around. These countless gases were like nutrients, absorbed by its golden wings as if the countless black rays were trickling into its wings.

A blurry three-headed six-limbed phantom appeared beside the golden phoenix. It was the once fallen Buddha Mother.

The six different limbs were holding on to different weapons each while Buddha Mother looked down upon the golden phoenix.

At that moment, scriptures and symbols turned into a mass of golden light jades that started to circulate in the air.

Garen could feel the pain in his soul started to fade and gradually recovered. The golden phoenix danced around the Soul Seed and eventually entered the Soul Seed once again, disappearing into thin air.

In the gap where Garen’s soul was ripped out, a surge of golden Soul Energy rushed inward. The mysterious energy was gold on the outside, but black within.

But in his consciousness, this energy seemed to still be dissipating quickly. While it was restoring its own injuries, the Holy Phoenix Demon Book’s Soul Energy still seemed to be dissipating rapidly as well.

“There is no room for the existence of the universe…” Garen finally understood. The Holy Phoenix Demon Book was too extreme, it paid attention to both heaven and earth, but it was self-conceited, so even if it was considered a type of Soul Energy, it was beyond what Sin’s Authority could ever withstand. However, Sin’s Authority’s nature energy was also extreme, so both sides could finally cancel off each other. Just that the Holy Phoenix Demon Book had a higher amount of Soul Energy, it was able to sustain until this moment.

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